Gold Poker [OLD]

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Gold Poker

Aces on Blockchain


Gold Poker is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency focused on instant private transactions with near-zero transaction fees. Gold Poker team’s point is to bring interactivity between cryptocurrency and the online poker industry.

Gold Poker project’s goal is to achieve a decentralized sustainable cryptocurrency with near instant full-time private transactions that help sustain the network for the benefit of all of the users involved. Gold Poker coin’s target is to influence the development of online poker immensely, by creating a Gold Poker room that helps to develop online poker eco-system and will later become the backbone of the online poker industry.

Main benefits of the new platform are:

  • Instant -Gold Poker network is faster and near zero cost transactions
  • Secure – be in control of your money and know your wealth is secure
  • Private – personal privacy in the digital age is our priority
  • Unique – you can be a lucky winner of a superblock


About project

Gold Poker is a decentralized open source, anonymous peer to peer cryptocurrency that cuts out the middleman while keeping all the features a user would expect from a cryptocurrency. Gold Poker is a privacy-focused currency working with a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, aiming to be viable means of trading value while offering minimal transaction fees and lengths. Gold Poker is a PoS (Proof of Stake) currency which incorporates masternodes. Gold Poker can be identified, purchased or sold on exchanges under currency symbol GPKR.

Gold Poker is an open source cryptocurrency based on PIVX so it inherited its core technologies such as masternodes, private and instant transactions. The inherent technology provides a level of safety for your privacy and information that other coins do not. Gold Poker protects the privacy. Gold Poker Coin Team holds 3.3% Pre-mine which will be used for exchange listings, marketing campaigns, and developing Online Poker Room.


Coin specification

Coin name: Gold Poker

Ticker: GPKR

Coin Type: MN/PoS

Algorithm: Quark

Total supply: 33 333 333

Masternode collateral: 33 333

Masternode reward: 3

PoS reward: 0.3

Superblock reward Mn: 30

Superblock reward PoS: 3

Block time: 33 sec


Proof of Stake vs.Proof of Work

Gold Poker uses Proof of Stake protocol instead of Proof of Work. The aim of Proof of Stake or Proof of Work in crypto is the need to establish a consensus of the blockchain. PoS is more efficient in keeping the network secure than PoW.

In order to achieve consensus, PoS requires nodes running wallet software proving that it has coins in the blockchain for verifying a block of transactions. Participating nodes receive a number of blocks proportional to their stake per set period as a reward. This means that the more participating nodes, the more secure network becomes, due to the increased difficulty of owning a majority of coins in the network. The focus of Proof of Stake is on validation. By putting coins into the wallet, and staking those coins, users contribute the network security by process of validating the blocks and thus are rewarded when the stake is the validator for that block. Proof of stake means a much less harmful impact on the environment from staking as opposed to PoW which is a drain on resources.

With a block time of 33 seconds, it’s a lot faster than many other cryptocurrencies out there.

PoS reward of Gold Poker cryptocurrency is 0.3 GPKR per block. Gold Poker coin has a unique feature which aims to empower its investors. Each GPKR block that ends with the digit 3 (e.g. 3, 23, 143, 363, 1783 etc.), is considered to be a super block and receives 3 extra coins per block. Hence PoS reward per super block is 3 GPKR.


Masternodes – mighty elements of the project

Masternodes are the backbone of the Gold Poker network and are as important as staking. We can think of them as our very own private savings accounts, as we put 33.333 GPKR into a locked wallet, and in return we receive rewards. With each master node, the ability to protect your privacy increases as the community network becomes stronger.

GPKR maximum supply is 33 333 333 coins, and for running a masternode partners should lock 33.333 GPKR coins. Block time is 33 seconds. Users receive 2618 blocks per day, 250 blocks out of 2618 are superblocks. This means that in total we can have only 1000 Gold Poker masternodes.

Gold Poker masternode

In order to run Gold Poker masternode a user must lock 33.333 GPKR coins and he/she will be paid a certain portion of reward for each block. The node should be online in order to help secure the network and be eligible for a reward. Masternode reward of Gold Poker cryptocurrency is 3 GPKR per block.

Those GPKR coins can be spent or moved at any time which simply removes the masternode from service and makes it ineligible to receive rewards.

Gold Poker Super / Lucky block

250 blocks out of 2618 daily blocks are called superblocks or lucky blocks. When a block ends with digit 3 for example 13, 23, 33, 103, 233, 353, 1073, 2413 etc, it is considered a superblock and receives extra coins. Superblock reward is 33 Gold Poker, 30 coins for Masternode and 3 coins for staking.


Gold Poker Room

Gold Poker room is planning to make it effortless to play real money online poker from all over the world. Gold Poker will be one of the first real quality poker sites in the industry based on blockchain technology and will offer an awesome variety of games. It will be very possible to create anonymous accounts at Gold Poker room and start playing immediately.

Gold Poker room’s software will be competent and withdrawals smooth. Lucrative promotions, a nice daily tournament schedule and fixed prize pools will be a few more really solid assets for Gold Poker. There will be 24/7 support, secure deposits and fast, almost instantaneous withdrawals, award winning software. Near zero transaction fees.


Project’s roadmap

Q3 2018
Website release
 Social Platforms
 Bounties, Giveaways
 Listing on
 Listing on
 Listing on
 Listing on Simple Pos Pool
 Listing on CoinMarketCap
Q4 2018
♣️ Listing on Cryptopia
♦ Listing on Coinexchange
♠ Worldwide Marketing
Q1 2019
Partnership with a gaming industry
Q2 2019
♣️ Partnership with Casinos
Listing on Bittrex
Q3 2019
♦ Partnership with Poker
♣ Listing on Kucoin
Q4 2019
♠ Poker Room Release
♥ Listing on Binance


Gold Poker coin partnerships with several staking websites that gives more confidence to this new coin.

Project’s team

Gold Poker has a highly active, accessible and responsive development team utilizing multiple social networking channels, including social media. Gold Poker team provides simple and clear answers and analogies, helping you connect the dots within the crypto realms. Gold Poker has a very large, growing and active community on multiple social platforms.