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Liberty coin

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Liberty Coin

In October of 2018, Liberty Coin founder, Martin Mizzell, filed for LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the state of Texas, USA. As one of the only registered cryptocurrency businesses in the United States, you can be rest assured that Liberty Coin, LLC is not only legitimate but that project also intend to stand the test of time. BTC airdrop will happen with leftover swap funds.

Liberty aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused cryptocurrency in the world. While Liberty is based on Bitcoin and compatible with many key components of the Bitcoin ecosystem, its two-tier network structure offers significant improvements in transaction speed, anonymity and governance.

Liberty coin is built on SHA256 hashing algorithm and uses Zerocoin technology. That which allows two parties to conduct business without disclosing their identities to each other. SwiftX transaction allows a sender to get near instantaneous confirmations of transactions for real-time transactions. Town Hall, which is a decentralized governance system, allows anyone to submit a proposal to Liberty citizens for approval. These proposals can use up to 10% of the overall blockchain budget to pay for projects that the community feels are important and masternode operators get to vote on them.

The Liberty network features:

  • instant transaction confirmation
  • double spend protection
  • anonymity equal to that of physical cash
  • self-governing
  • self-funding model driven by incentivized full nodes
  • a clear roadmap for on-chain scaling to up to 400MB blocks using custom-developed open source hardware

Liberty Coin HODLers from project’s first blockchain are going to be duly rewarded with a 1 LBRT (old coin) to 10 XLIB (new coin) airdrop starting Saturday, November 17th 2018.

Features of the project


Liberty Coin uses a technology called Zerocoin, which obscures your identity and allows two parties to conduct business without revealing personal details.


Liberty Coin is Proof of Stake and enables you to earn XLIB passively. All one needs to do is “stake” their current holdings of XLIB and keep their wallet open. Based on a lottery system, 25% of each block reward goes to a staking wallet.

High Return on Investment

For early adopters, the project has added incentive to join the Liberty Coin revolution. For a short time, our block rewards will increase up to 5,000 XLIB and then gradually level out over time.

Always fast. Turbos are optional

Liberty Coin has 1 minute block times and is always fast. When you want to turn on the turbos and get transactions confirmed nearly instantly, there is SwiftX.

Masternodes for even more earnings

Liberty Coin uses special computers called masternodes that offer services for the network (e.g. SwiftX). They are totally decentralized and ran by anyone that will “escrow” 50,000 XLIB for the privilege of running one. In return, masternodes get 65% – 75% of each block reward.

Low Transaction Fees

Liberty Coin fees are always low. How low? Almost always less than 0.01 XLIB.

Town Hall privileges

Liberty Coin has a built-in budget of 10% for projects and initiatives that the community feels are important. Anyone can submit a new proposal and then masternode operators get to vote on them.

No ICO, funded by the blockchain

Liberty Coin, LLC is self-funded through Town Hall and there’s no ICO. XLIB coins are tradable from the end of November 2018 on CryptoBridge.

Coin specification

Name: Liberty Coin
Ticker: XLIB
Algorithm: SHA256
Block time: 60 sec
Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block
Block Reward: Variable
Masternode Collateral: 50,000 XLIB
Reward Allotment: 25% Stake, 75% Masternode
Governance system: Town Hall


Initial release

June, 2018
Website published (
Wallets released (v4 blockchain)
MVP made publicly available

Brand Awareness Campaign

Q3 2018
Masternodes Online listing (LBRT)
CryptoBridge listing (LBRT)
Whitepaper publication (obsolete)
Major pivot in business plan/strategy

Q4 2018
In response to market, decision was made to completely start over
First successful fork of PIVX to use zerocoin v2 created domain acquired
Website redesign
iOS app code completed
Liberty Coin, LLC registered in Texas
CryptoBridge re-listing with XLIB ticker (waiting on them) relisting
R & D for masternode tiers
Mobile and tiered masternodes

Q1 2019
Whitepaper recreation for new platform
Submittal of iOS app to Apple Store
CoinMarketCap listing for XLIB
Tiered masternodes go live
Town Hall portal for proposals and budgeting
Mobile staking and Android app

Q2, 2019
Be the first coin to ever use masternodes and mobile apps working together to enable mobile staking
Android app