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Midas Investments

The Most Convenient Investment Platform


Midas.Investments is a user-friendly and secure digital investment platform. It is developed for the safe use of various instruments of passive earnings in crypto-currency. The platform has various investment instruments, such as masternodes, proof of stake, trading bots and many more.

Midas.Investments plan to become a major player in the crypto-currency investment market by adding a few radically new investment instruments. Midas Investments mission is to use the opportunities of the emerging crypto world to make investing simple, profitable and safe. The project is offering its users innovative investment strategies, administration, and support.

The Midas coin supports Masternode and Proof of stake technologies and is used to pay for services and fees within the platform. The platform’s profit is used to buy back and burn Midas coin.

Currently, October 2018, project has a complete solution for investing in Masternode and Proof of Stake coins and a loyal community (more than 6500 people) interested in obtaining passive income. The platform has also shared Masternodes investment opportunities. Midas instant share will be opened after the launch of the platform for the first holders to invest in the masternode.

Characteristics of Midas.Investments platform

– develops various investment instruments to create a passive income for investors
– has an automatic payout of masternode shares few times during a day
– has a reinvestment feature to increase your income
– has a finished whitepaper with a whole team of professionals revealed
– three clicks to make your coins work:
log in with your discord, choose a coin, send coins to the provided address, you will get first rewards in a couple of hours
– pay reduced fees on the platform with Midas and obtain access to the unique investment services
– 25% of the platforms income goes to buy back coins from an exchange and burn them
– low supply and premine, development fee after three months from the launch spent on the creation of new investment instruments
– no presale, the project was funded by developers and a small group of partners and investors
– Cryptobridge listing
– one week of instamine made by the request of the mining community

Interesting data about the project

more than 6500 community members
more than 50 coins listed
more than 566 masternodes administrating
over 75 BTC invested

Features of the platform

  • Masternode Shares
  • Instant Share
  • Reinvestment
  • Multiply payouts a day
  • Investment portfolio
  • Asset Management
  • Trading system
  • Trading bots
  • BTC in – BTC out
  • Monitoring of your investment
  • Full automatization
  • Private ICO pools
  • Cloud mining
  • Signals

In testing – a unique instrument that analyzes the market cycles.
In future – a business plan to create a hotel mining and cloud mining service


Actual use

  • Midas coin is used to pay reduced fees for investment instruments on Midas.Investments platform
  • Earn by holding on the platform
  • Midas coin has a fair and stable return of investments on Masternodes and Proof of Stake. You can hold coins on the platform and it will be used in Instant share, which increases the number of your coins. No wallet or VPS installations needed
  • Midas buyback system
    25% of the platform’s profit used to buy Midas coin from the exchanges and burn it. Midas team negates panic sales on market and constantly supports coin value.
  • Development and testing of new investment instruments
  • Midas coin has a low premine and 5% development fee after 50000 blocks. Mined coins will be spent to develop and test new investment instruments in different markets.


Midas.Investments platform

The Midas.Investments platform is fully automated. The user has a personal account, which presents a portfolio, balance and necessary statistics of each investment instrument work. After the purchase, no additional actions or knowledge is required. The instrument starts working immediately. In case of masternodes investor starts to receive rewards right after a coin deposit. All required educational information is presented on the platform for each instrument.

The platform has developed an internal exchange of coins for BTC and back. The trade is carried out either automatically or when the price of the placed buy/sell order is reached. Thus, the investor has the opportunity to buy attractive investments for Bitcoin within the platform and sell rewards directly to other users of the platform.


Midas Coin

The Midas coin is used on the platform for:

  • Fees reduction. Midas.Investments take at least 5% of the investment instruments payouts presented on the platform. For coin holders, it will be possible to pay the fees with a coin, which reduces the commission up to 75% from the nominal.
  • Listing of coins with Masternode /Proof of stake technologies on the service. To be listed on the platform, a new coin must pay a fee equal to one coin Masternode (to create Instant shares) and one Midas Masternode. With each other investment instruments, the terms of cooperation are specified separately.
  • New services purchases for investors and developers. Advanced statistics and reports, access to the premium platform features.
  • Midas.Investments will support Midas coin price from sudden changes in the value. A professional trader from Midas.Investments team will control the exchange coin rate from speculation and market psychological factors, smoothing extensional growths and holding panic sells.
  • To do this, 25% of the platform’s profit will be spent to purchase the coin from the market and burn it during Midas Buyback program.

Coin specification

Coin name: Midas
Coin Type: PoS/Masternode
Ticker: MIDAS
Algorithm: QUARK
Total supply: 5 000 000
Minimum coins req. for PoS: 50
Block rewards distribution: 80% MN, 20% PoS
Masternode collateral: 1000 MIDAS
Block time: 120 seconds
POS coins maturity: 60 minutes
Premine: 2%
Block rewards:
80% MN – 20% PoS till block 40 000
75% MN – 20% PoS – 5% Dev fee from block 40 001

1 – 300 – 0,5 MIDAS                   40 001 – 100 000 – 8 MIDAS
301 – 4 000 – 3 MIDAS                   100 001 – 150 000 – 7 MIDAS
4 001 – 7 000 – 2 MIDAS                   150 001 – 200 000 – 6 MIDAS
7 001 – 10 000 – 13 MIDAS                   200 001 – 250 000 – 5 MIDAS
10 001 – 20 000 – 11 MIDAS                   250 001 – 500 000 – 4 MIDAS
20 000 – 40 000 – 9 MIDAS                     500 000 – END – 3 MIDAS



February – March 2018
The launch of the service
Development of Instant-shares and reinvestment features
An algorithm to detect scam coins
BTC Investment

April 2018
Rebranding, website update
Alpha-testing of a platform with automated instant shares
Website with masternode’s rating and statistics

May 2018
The release of a platform with automated instant shares
User interface upgrade
Buy coins with BTC
Alpha-testing of queue shares

Summer 2018
Platform release
Adding new types of investments
Fully automated service for passive crypto-income available to anyone
Midas coin (MN or Erc-20)

4th quarter 2018
Creation of marketing instruments for developers
Marketing, increase assets volume on the platform
Adding an investment instrument for market cycles calculation
Search for investment partners

First half 2019
Creation of investment instruments complex
A mobile application for investment instruments management
Selection and competition between traders, search for new investment resources
Adding an investment instrument for market cycles calculation


Midas.Investments team

Iakov “Trevor” Levin CEO, Project lead Five years experience in the financial sphere and product development –> LinkedIn

Mike Fomin CTO Web developer from 2005, a crypto enthusiast from 2012. Five years experience as CTO in start-ups. Marketing, security and smart contracts background –> LinkedIn

Dmitry “Parker” Tugolukov CMO Digital marketing, Big Data, R, product development from 2013

Sebastian von Karloff Technical engineer

Igor “Wick” Lukiantsev Community manager

Dennis Chernishev Marketing manager

Ilya “Adam” Therebay Professional trader



Eduard Samokhvalov Well rounded IT professional and e-trading systems analyst with quality assurance, programming, project management, administration, and WebDev skills with more than ten years in the financial sphere –> LinkedIn

Evgeny Kagan Founder and CEO at Megano International OU, managing company for TRITTIUM coin –> LinkedIn