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Mirai Coin

A Look Into The Future

Mirai is a crypto payment coin with a fast and stable network built on masternode and proof of stake protocols that is planned for mainstream adaptation.

Project development will continue with a focus on website, app, API and payment platform integrations. Business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) tools will be developed for easier blockchain integration and advanced statistical analysis. MRI will be used, bought or earned in the same manner that other games might offer gold or gems. Project’s tools will allow for zero knowledge, one-click integration with e-commerce platforms. The project is developing towards easy integration tools and APIs.

This coin is a very low supply coin. 1,200,000 of coins were sent to an unrecoverable burn address effectively removing them from circulation, leaving a current true circulating supply of 1,190,000 coins. The maximum supply of MRI is 16 million coins. Coin supply is expected to reach 15.7 million coins (14.5 million circulating) in the year 2099.

MIRAI Coin (MRI)’ is a Proof of Stake, Masternode coin with dual development paths.

Mirai Augmented Reality (AR)

The 2nd development path for this project is Mirai AR. This part of the project is an Augmented Reality platform that allows the user to earn MRI by creating social content. An Augmented Reality platform consisting of a website, Android and IOS apps. The content creation tools are provided through both the Mirai AR website and mobile apps. These tools are very easy to use, with a drag and drop interface. Basic 3D content is provided and media can be uploaded or linked through HTTP.

Content can be geo-tagged and/or activated by a specific real-world item, scene or target image. It is viewed and rated by our own algorithm and other users to provide a content rating.

When core upgrades will be released for AR platform, developers can either create mini-games inside the AR world or create separate apps integrating them in the platform and use Mirai payments.

One of the most exciting benefits of this platform is the ability for anyone to provide valuable information or assets to other users and receive payment for it at no cost to the user.

Several usage directions of Mirai AR can be acknowledged

Augmented Reality Games
One of the most popular applications of augmented reality is in the field of mobile gaming. Of all the creative markets, the majority of new projects consist of augmented reality games.

Augmented Reality Education
Education through augmented reality offers an unprecedented level of interaction. Various studies performed by the education industry have shown that interactive augmented reality applications have decreased learning times by as much as 60% while increasing applied skills and retention by over 70%.

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing
Recent statistics show that the manufacturing industry is leading the way in terms of both augmented reality application development and spending in the augmented reality sector.

Augmented Reality in Entertainment and Events
In the entertainment industry, augmented reality can be used as a tool to enable enhanced interaction through visual cues, information, and additional media.

Augmented Reality in Retail
A very promising field is the application of augmented reality in the retail sector. Spending on research and development is experiencing massive growth in this industry. Augmented reality in the retail sector offers all of the benefits of the internet in providing sales information and advertising opportunities with the additional benefit of being available on-site at retail locations with the use of geo-tagging and visual markers such as QR codes and specific image recognition.

Augmented Reality in Social Media
Augmented reality in social media provides an unprecedented level of interaction and personalization. Social media content can be posted online and also on location. Photos from a location could be shared so other users, either can see those images in augmented reality when they visit the same location.

Augmented Reality in Advertising
The benefits of augmented reality in the advertising industry are well recognized. Placement of advertising material and interactive displays at key events in augmented reality provides a unique opportunity to combine location-based advertising with detailed statistics and targeting normally only associated with online advertising.

Mirai AR Revenue model

  • Mirai AR will have a number of revenue streams, including:
  • Paid advertising will be available in the augmented reality space. This can be targeted at a specific audience, location or event. It will be possible to attach advertising to specific user content (subject to our advertising best practices guidelines).
  • Product placement advertising will be available.
  • Animated reality advertising opportunities: That model next to the coke machine calling you over.
  • Agreements with mainstream and blockchain companies will raise revenue through paid services: project created interactive content for events, tourist locations, festivals.
  • Paid app features include advanced education content, hire an expert, removal of advertising.

Revenue will be divided as follows:
60% of revenue is divided amongst contributors.
40% of revenue is retained by Mirai to cover operating costs and development.

MRI Asset Marketplace

Technical users can also create assets for the Mirai Asset Marketplace. Content creators can find assets from the marketplace and use them in their content creations. Payment and delivery of the asset will be handled by the Mirai platform.

Coin specifications

Coin name: Mirai Coin
Ticker: MRI
Algorithm: Quark CPU friendly
Last Pow Block: 4000
Max Supply: 16 million
Block Time:300 seconds
Reward Block: 0-50
Premine 1500000 Coins
Minimum Stake Time: 24 hours
Masternode Collateral 1000 coins
Block Rewards split: 70% masternode 25% staking, 5% dev fund
Masternode port: 14440

PoW Mining 201-4000 0 MRI (finished)

PoS Mining
4001-11000 1 MRI
11001-25500 50 MRI
25501-35500 45 MRI
35501-60000 40 MRI
60001-100000 35 MRI
100001-125000 30 MRI
1250001-150000 25 MRI
150001-200000 20 MRI
200001-250000 15 MRI
2500001-500000 10 MRI
500000-1000000 5 MRI


Early June 2018
Mirai blockchain launched, wallet released and a voluntary swap of xGOx for Mirai enabled

Mid-Late June 2018
Exchange Listings – Mirai has been added to Crex24, TradeSatoshi, and MapleChange

July 2018
Coinswap Finished
Mirai coin is listed on SistemKoin exchange.
Mirai website released.
Mirai added to hostmasternode.com share masternode service.
xGox to Mirai voluntary swap finished.
Remaining Mirai from premine burned.
Mirai listed on masternode.online: masternode monitoring and statistics service.

August 2018
Cryptopia Listing
Mirai bitcointalk updated.
Website redesigned and updated.
Mirai added to Cryptopia exchange.
Work begins on Alpha version of Mirai AR

Early September 2018
Mirai begins accelerated development. The first step is a focus on marketing with listing submissions to relevant cryptocurrency information sites
Mirai added to Delta portfolio app.
Mirai added to Cheddur
Mirai added to Coinlib
Mirai added to Gin platform (easy masternode hosting)
Mirai added to Coinmarketcal cryptocurrency calendar
Mirai added to LiveCoinWatch

Late September 2018
Mirai website relaunched with detailed updates to the future direction of Mirai
Mirai Roadmap updated with a clear timeline of dual development paths
Mirai launches its vision for the future of Augmented Reality

October 2018
Additional Hires
Mirai to release a series of demonstration videos and other media
More details will be released on Mirai AR
Marketing efforts to be expanded
Additional hires: Mirai team to grow to meet increased programming and marketing requirements
Assessment of the suitability of Mirai codebase for additional feature integration.
Wallet update: Minor wallet update to fix minor bugs and prepare for upgrades to the codebase
Closed team meeting to discuss strategies for increasing liquidity and availability of Mirai currency, which will be necessary for successful adoption of Mirai Payments and Mirai AR

November 2018
Mirai testnet created
Beginning of planned upgrades to Mirai codebase implemented on Mirai testnet
Begin the process of listing on major exchanges

December 2018
Mirai AR Closed beta release. (Android)
Mirai AR and Mirai Payments integration with Mirai testnet
Work begins on establishing strategic partnerships.
Mirai AR Monetization and Mirai Payments business revenue models released
Mirai closed marketplace developed for use with Mirai AR closed beta
Mirai AR asset and content creation tools reviewed
Mirai AR asset/content creation rewards system finalized
Roadmap assessed and updated

1st Q 2019
Mirai AR open beta release on Testnet. (Android)
Mirai AR Advanced content creation tools released for public use
Mirai AR Asset marketplace goes live on Testnet
Integrations with Augmented Reality Wearables explored and planned
A full audit of testnet code upgrades and Mirai AR
Partnerships announced (subject to NDAs)
Mirai Web Wallet

2nd Q 2019
Mirai AR Release Candidate
Mainnet upgraded with testnet code.
Major wallet upgrade (mandatory)
Mirai AR Release candidate (Android)
Mirai AR marketplace moved to Mainnet
First Mirai payments web apps released.
Mirai payments ecommerce plugins released
Mirai AR Private enabled: Share AR content with just one person or group

3-4 Q 2019
Mirai AR Release
Assessment of monetization and revenue models.
Release of final version of Mirai AR
Release of Mirai AR for iOS
Review of Mainstream adoption strategies
Mass marketing push.
More Exchanges
more to come