MMO Coin [OLD]

MMO Coin blockchain project

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MMO Coin

Tiered Proof of Stake Decentralized Cryptocurrency


MMOCoin is the project for gamers created by gamers with own cryptocurrency MMOCoin. MMOCoin – Massive Multiplayer Online games marketplace, where gamers will be able to buy, sell and trade almost anything they need for their gaming experience.

MMOCoin is built on a unique feature called Tiered Staking that actually means level of stakes divided on the percentage of coins in the wallet. Stake rewards are divided into the levels (as per anum).

The project has grown from online comunity that was launched in 2008. Now it has been taken to the next level – blockchain – and will provide much faster and safer tradings within online games. Fast money transfers, escrow service to protect against scammers, recorded transactions – all these features you can find on this project’s platform.

More than 250 000 people have joined MMOPro platform already and this is base for the new blockchain project. Cryptocurrency offers another level of interaction – the world without currency boarders, without calculating price in your local currency.

The project is verified by KYD team.


Problem statement

For thousands of online game players, there is a problem to exchange various digital cryptocurrency for different gaming resources. Mostly these digital cryptocurrencies are investor-centric currencies that are subject to price manipulation. There is no currency that is actually used by gamers where the primary purpose would be online games.

There are “gamer coins” that are managed by non-gamers and therefore have little knowledge about the real needs of gamers.


Solution statement

MMOPro platform, as mentioned above, was introduced in 2008, an year before Bitcoin appeared. It was a way to bring together other gamers and share knowledge. The same founders decided to create and integrate MMOCoin into their already 250 000 user base.


MMOPro Marketplace

Marketplace, that has served over 10 years community of gamers, will be remodeled and changed to fit modern life. It will have easy to use interface. Categories, subcategories, games – only a few new marketplace indicators that will help to locate exactly what the user is looking for.Financial side of the project is secured with the built-in Escrow service and dedicated payment option.



Crypto Payment Gateway
Buy digital goods with MMOCoin
Verified Merchants
Buy Safely from our verified merchants.
Acceptable currencies
Easy to Track
Trace transactions through MMO blockchain.
MMO Marketplace’s secure escrow for more safety.
Minimal transaction fee
0.0001 MMO per transaction fee.


Coin specification

Ticker: MMO
Algorithm: Scrypt
PoS and PoW hybrid
Block time: 90 sec
Min.stake age: 4 hours
Max stake age: 2 month
Max supply: 260 000 000


Tiered staking rewards for MMOCoin

– Holding 1-999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 1% stake reward
– Holding 1000-9999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 2% stake reward.
– Holding 10000-49999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 5% stake reward.
– Holding 50000-99999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 7% stake reward.
– Holding 100000+ MMO in the OS wallet will provide 10% stake reward.