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An Animal Charity Ledger powered by Blockchain


PAWS is a non-profit charity blockchain project developed for the benefit of pet/animal companions and family members.

PAWS fund blockchain project has created a cryptocurrency, as it is one of the best modern methods for instantaneous transactions and minimal transaction fees. Project team feels that this allows for contributors and donors to be able to have more of their donations directly support the cause or campaign to their choosing, rather than getting gouged by third-party service fees.

Utilizing blockchain technology allows for transactions to be more easily tracked on an open, public ledger. Now everyone can see exactly how much funding or resources are sent, received, and where they go.

PAWS vision and mission

The mission of PAWS is to provide animals with the basic necessities for a happy and healthy life, including love and care. At first, the vision of PAWS was primarily focused on care and support for dogs and cats, but progressively extended outwards to wildlife and also endangered wildlife.
PAWS seeks to be the internationally recognized leader in Pet/Animal DEDICATION.

Technical background of the project

PAWS utilizes masternodes as a way of validating transactions on the blockchain. This not only provides a more safe and accurate way to verify data but also creates a faster network. Members are able to set up a masternode(s) and contribute to the network. In return, they receive rewards that are paid in PAWS.

Project features

A strong, secure, and masternode-backed PAWS coin that will feature strong secondary market support mechanisms. There will be also Mastercard/Visa Debit Card for direct use of PAWS at any merchant worldwide*. Using and spending PAWS coin will be uncomplicated and effortless.

* soon to be announced processor and direct fiat to PAWS settlements

A Secure, decentralized, free from ads, and data-for sale, social network, and hub for Pet/Animal owners and caretakers with a detailed registry of all Pets/Animals, with an easy to use and intuitive quick data specifics and uploads to the PAWS network.

A blockchain powered, secure, immutable, full pet and animal registry available to users and coin holders of PAWS, with project’s soon-to-be-introduced PAWS powered registry collars, a unique key provided to each of your Pet/Animals with a robust registry portal, which will feature rapid deployment of Pet/Animal alerts to all PAWS wallet owners worldwide, to enable the quickest possible search, identification, and rescue ability.

PAWS will commit and pledge to fight all Pet/Animal charitable needs, including food/care/and all medical needs. PAWS will vehemently challenge the existing potential for any Pet/Animal to go hungry or without proper medical attention, love, and care. The PAWS network will utilize the generosity of its worldwide community to help raise initiatives and near instant crowdfunding individual Pet/Animal needs.

Coin Specifications

Coin name: PAWS.FUND
Ticker: PAWS
Algorithm: (POW/POS) QUARK/POS
Block reward: 1-9 PAWS
Masternode Collateral: 1000
Masternode reward: 70 – 90%
Staking (POS) reward: 10%
Block Time: 60 SECONDS
Minimum Staking Maturity: 3 hours
Total supply: 21 000 000 PAWS
Premine 500 000 PAWS (2.38%)
PAWS first 10,000 blocks
1 per block.. 0.9 for MN and 0.1 for staking
At block 10,001, there will be 10% donation to Charity Fund and
10% donation to our Operations Fund/ 70% MN reward/10%
Staking reward on every block


Q3 2018
Research & Discussions
PAWS Conception
Core Team Development
Brand Identity & Style Guide
Website Domain Registered
Social Media Accounts Created

Q4 2018
Team Expansion
PAWS Forum Release
One Pager v1.0 Release
PAWS Blockchain & Coin Testnet Launch
Custom PAWS Wallet GUI Assets
Official Website Launch
PAWS Public Presale Launch
PAWS Blockchain & Coin Mainnet Launch
Windows, Mac, & Linux Wallet Releases
Apply for Multiple Exchange Listings
Apply for Portfolio, Coin Tracking, Masternode Site Listings

Q1 2019
Apply for Legal Registration for PAWS Non-Profit
iOS and Android Mobile App Development
First Official PAWS Partnership Announcement
PAWS Online Store Launch
PAWS Charity Funding Launch
PAWS Public Tracking Tool & Platform

Q2 2019
Company Incorporation
Registered Charity Status
PAWS Directory/Guide Launched
PAWS Evolutionary Animal Registry System
PAWS Pet tracker collars
PAWS to Debit Card


Project team

Co-founder CEO Ian Cubitt – LinkedIn

Co-founder CTO Jules Dubois – LinkedIn