SMM Coin [OLD]

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SMM Coin

A new type of social media marketing promotion

SMMcoin – a new type of social media marketing promotion platform. Using innovative solutions and technologies to promote clients’ businesses, to build brands’ recognition and online reputation, and ready-made solutions for analytics and further development of a project.

SMMcoin purpose is the creation of social media marketing promotion blockchain platform. The main goal of the project is to clear the line between startups and the general public. Blockchain is our future and this project wants to make the Crypto World closer for every person.


Companies or projects site’s organic SEO & SMM rankings have a definitive effect on its business’s bottom line.

  • Working to promote clients’ businesses on the Internet, SMM project applies innovative solutions and technologies that are used by leading experts. Thus, it brings your online projects to a high level.
  • The project builds your brand recognition and online reputation around keyword phrases your customers are already using. This increases productivity by up to 20%.
  • The project carries out all the analytics for you, it is ready to provide you with ready-made solutions that will help in the development of projects.

SMM targets

SMM project creates content that reinforces your SEO goals, while transforming visitors the organic listings into customers.

The optimal result allows for an integrated approach to the issue. SMM project’s experts will develop a program in which it will be possible to use all the most interesting and popular social networks. They will be used to publish prepared announcements, create communities for announcements and feedback from potential customers. All these actions are designed to significantly increase traffic for a company.

Popularization of new projects and technologies is an important task that project team and clients all can solve together.

Undoubtedly, the main product of the project is the platform, but one of the equally important tasks is to popularize cryptocurrency all over the world. Project team wants to use their experience to show people the full value of new revolutionary crypto technologies and convey to everyone that this is the future.

The team will use the knowledge and fresh approach to advertising campaigns. There is also plan to release offline magazine, which will be distributed free of charge.

There will be a launch of an information portal and the clothing line with prints and stylistics of cryptocurrency, as well as launch promo campaigns with the biggest partners.

Project’s solutions

  • Search strategy
    • The platform provides a large number of services for the development of your business.
  • 24/7 Customer care
    • Project’s managers are ready to help you 24/7.
  • Market analysis
    • The service packages developed by the project team covers all the needs of the market, taking into account all the analytical data.
  • New marketing solutions
    • The implementation of the fresh ideas will bring cryptocurrency promotion to a qualitatively new level

Coin specification

Name: SMM Coin
Ticker: SMM
Type: POS + MN
Algorithm: Quark
Masternode reward: 75%
Staking (POS) reward: 25%
Block time: 60 sec
Total supply: 5 000 000
Premine: 4% (200 000)
Maturity: 6 hours
Stake minimum: 10% MN collateral
Minimum POS input: 10 SMM Coin


1 stage
  • SMM Coin promotion successful campaign launch
  • Concept formation
  • Business model approval
2 stage
  • Technical plan creation
  • Project development plan formation
  • Website and project design development
  • Blockchain code preparing
3 stage
  • The official website publish
  • Blockchain final tests
  • Support team building
  • Official Bitcoin Talk [ANN]
  • The official SMM blockchain launch
  • First SMM Block explorer launch
  • Looking for project investors
4 stage
  • The official website publish
  • Blockchain final tests
  • Support team building
  • Official Bitcoin Talk [ANN]
  • The official SMM blockchain launch
  • First SMM Block explorer launch
  • Looking for project investors
5 stage
  • Second SMM Block explorer launch
  • Beta platform release
  • Listing on the 2nd exchange
  • Social networks promo 2nd campaign launch
  • Contracting with SMM platform partners
  • Platform business offers formation
  • The expansion of the customers list
  • SMM platform ‘’bug report’’ bounty campaign
6 stage
  • Web wallet release
  • Listing on “coinmarketcap”
  • Listing on the 3rd exchange
  • Partnership with commercial services
  • SMMcoin integration in SMM platform as a form of currency
7 stage
  • Integration of SMMcoin as form of currency in other projects
  • Development project to the point of self-sufficiency
  • Formation of interest rates for the distribution of platform dividends between project support, coin support and investing in new platform developments
8 stage
  • Cryptocurrency news site launch
  • News site promotion campaign launch
  • The publication of the own cryptocurrency newspaper/magazine (free distribution) in Europe
  • Cryptocurrency clothing line creation
  • Online shop all-about-cryptocurrency launch