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StakeCube staking pool project

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The Community Driven Proof-of-Stake Pool

StakeCube –  fully automated and community-driven POS (Proof of Stake) Crypto Pool founded in June 2018. Its aim is to provide an easy and intuitive way for everyone to join a staking community and generate profit.

The platform has a great user interface, easy to navigate menus and a self-explaining structure, but runs much deeper than just the surface. New coins are added based on the votes on project’s Discord channel. Users can also vote on features to be implemented, receive timely support, ask questions or chat with their fellow Stakers.

3% of all Stakes are deducted as fees, but only 2% is used to cover the project’s running costs – servers, employees, affiliates, transaction fees. The final percent is redistributed to all users with Airdrop system and the regular Lottery.


Stake Pool

With Proof-of-Stake Currencies, new blocks aren’t generated based on computing power (Proof-of-Work). Instead, random selection is used to decide the creator of the next block and accordingly receive a reward for generating it. A number of additional variables such as wealth and age are factored into this selection. To be eligible to receive a Stake the User must have his PC/Server running with the open wallet.

Because of the way staking works, it can be very time-consuming for a single user to generate Stakes. Without massive investments, the share in the coin is too small to reliably generate stakes. So, rewards are few and far between while operating costs (e.g. power) still piles up daily.

Stake Pools aim to resolve this issue by pooling the resources of their  users. This allows the Pool to generate Stakes on a regular basis, distributing the rewards between its members. The Payoff for the single user is more reliable and predictable, while the owner of the Pool will take care of all updates and security requirements.



Additional rewards may be generated by forming Masternodes, which can be generated for each Coin after reaching a specific threshold, further increasing Stake chance and Coins received.


The StakeCube platform

The Stakecube platform includes a great variety of features, designed to provide all services related to staking coins and masternodes in one place: the fully automated POS-pool is the cornerstone of the StakeCube platform, and the fastest growing staking pool on the market.

Features of the platform

StakeCube is the first staking pool to introduce an embedded exchange.

Masternode hosting
Launch your own masternode with one click or reserve slots in one of the shared masternodes.

POS academy
Learn and exchange all kinds of information about POS coins, cryptocurrencies and trading, with other members and experts advisors.

An integrated, first class POS/Masternode coin monitoring and stats service

Obtain various benefits and bonuses as a stakeclub member

Platform’s functions

Automated & managed
All deposits, stakes, and withdrawals are fully automated. Bonus: Your coin starts staking immediately after the deposit – no mature time.
Shared Masternodes
Get a piece of the reward cake. Even with a small number of coins, everyone can participate in Masternodes.
Exchange *
Save tons of time and rewards by swapping your coins directly on the platform. No need to send them back and forth between exchanges!
No Requirements
An intuitive user interface to manage your coins, stake rewards and pool activities makes it stress-free, transparent and secure.
You decide which coin and which function comes next. You know exactly what you need
You don’t just get rewards on your own coins. Platform’s airdrops regularly give you a bonus on top (even for coins where you don’t have any shares)
Every week 10 lucky winners will be selected at random and win a huge bonus. Completely free and fair.

*in development

StakeCube staking project analytics


The Private Stake Cloud*

Service Stake-as-a-service and One-click Masternode deployment takes care of user’s needs if you have enough coins to stake solo or run Masternode. All technical aspects like VPS, Scripts, Updates or CLI-Commands platform will cover.

cross platform stakingThe Stake Cloud is directly connected to the Pool. Keep an overview, analytics, everything in one place and all functions on Cross-Platform.

*in development


Coin specification

Coin name: StakeCubeCoin
Ticker: SCC
Block time: 120 sec
MN collateral: 1000 SCC
Block reward: 4-24
Masternode reward: 70-90%
Staking (PoS) reward: 10-30%
Total supply: 18 000 000
Premine: 250 000 SCC (1.4%)



Step 1 – completed
Pool Staking – full integration in all Pool functions without restrictions. Plus guaranteed stake rewards, no matter how many SCC you have!

Step 2 – Beta test
Unique Masternode hosting service – more then just a hot/cold wallet solution, fully integrated into project’s POS Pool

Step 3 – in progress
Exchange – save tons of time and rewards b swapping your coins directly on the platform. No need to send them back and forth between exchange.

Step 4 – in progress
Stake Club – get various benefits and bonuses as a stake club member.

Step 5 and 6 – planned
Mining contracts – the best conditions to mine BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
POS Academy – learn everything about POS. Crypto & trading from the best advisors and consultants.

A detailed roadmap for 2018

Swap from POW/POS to POS and Masternodes
Wallet Updates
Bitcoin Talk announcement
Website launch for SCC

Initial Whitepaper
Additional exchange listing
Masternode monitoring listing
Linux/MAC wallets
Private stake cloud release
POS Academy launch
Recruiting academy authors

Stakecube exchange V2 (SCC trading pairs)
WooCommerce payment gateway
StakeClub membership
Android/iOS wallet and staking app
Profit-share for SCC holders

SCC webshop
Merchant partnerships
More exchange listings
Roadmap 2019 announcement



CEO and Lead Developer – Oleg W.

Business Development – Sam A.

Office Managerin – Angi B.