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Bismuth 2.0

Bismuth 2.0 | A Revamped System Built For the Modern-Day Users and a Competitive World

From a one-person team looking to explore the potential of cryptocurrency to an entire team of developers working to build an efficient global chain system, Bismuth has come a long way. A feature-packed system that is easy to use, understand and harness: Bismuth is everything a user can desire and a developer would want to…
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Bismuth blockchain

Bismuth Blockchain: The Ideal Platform For Distributed Condition Monitoring of EV Batteries And Other Real-Life Use-Cases

The importance of blockchain applications in the enterprise world has been growing faster than ever before. Looking at the current nature of businesses where everything is data-driven, blockchain serves as a perfect use-case for sharing decentralized data. Today, businesses are increasingly working towards systems that rely on real-time data inputs which can help the users…
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Bismuth: A Dapp Building Platform that doesn’t Bite

Newbies to crypto development tend to hold the opinion that blockchain and Dapp building is a coding nightmare. This fear is not entirely uncalled for. C++ is an object-oriented programming language that has a notoriously steep learning curve. Yet it is the language that the godfather of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) was built with. Therefore when aspiring…
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