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Vizsla Inu

Vizsla Inu | Charity for Dog Shelters Created With Crypto Transactions

Budapest, Hungary/ July 16, 2021/ Hungarian Crypto platform Vizsla Inu achieved an increase of 151.43% in token value with a market cap increase of 144% and is set on a mission to help Dog Shelters. The exchange rate of the Vizsla Inu coin increased 950 times in a month of its launch. Hungarian Vizsla Inu is the first investment and…
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a cryptocurrency charity

Bitcoin Cash Clothing Charity Expands to 12 Cities Across Canada

According to a recent report, just a year after its launch, Coins 4 clothes, a cryptocurrency charity which gives people rewards in the form of bitcoin cash for donating their fairly used clothing has announced its expansion to a dozen cities across Canada. Coins 4 clothes are Live in 12 Cities The organisation which has…
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