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SYS Labs’ Rollux Primed to Launch: Stronger, Cheaper, Faster, Better

Jun 01, 2023 SYS Labs, a leading innovator in blockchain technology, is thrilled to announce the mainnet release date for Rollux, its groundbreaking EVM-L2 scaling platform. Set to launch on June 28, 2023, Rollux promises to deliver speed, security, affordability, and scalability, key components demanded by the blockchain industry for mass adoption. This announcement follows…
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Syscoin Signs Major Deal to Boost Web3 Development in Asia

Eindhoven, Netherlands, December 21, 2022  Syscoin, a decentralized and open-source project founded in 2014, has announced a long-term partnership with WEconomy, the largest Web3 incubator in Asia. The move marks a significant expansion milestone for the Syscoin ecosystem and adoption across Asia. The newly founded WEconomy, currently consists of seventy startup projects and DAOs (Decentralized…
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TelosCoin – Expanding its Reach with CryptoPAD and Offering Free Internet Plus Calls in 205 Countries

DUISBURG, GERMANY / August 23, 2021 / Now with TelosCoin, users can pay for a Trading Carddeck on CryptoMages and participate in the game. TelosCoin has also suited up to include GAIA CryptoPAD on its network and offer optional purchase of M2M Sim Card, exclusively for the GAIA CryptoPAD and Bluebox device. The Crypto Pad, which has…
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KnoxFS | Leveraging the Blockchain and Distributed Storage Systems to Build a Decentralized Storage Solution

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS/ May 31, 2021 / KnoxFS works as a decentralized hybrid storage solution allowing individuals to store data in a secure, decentralized, and private manner. Working as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), KnoxFS is based on community support and voluntary contributions. The users sharing and storing data will utilize decentralized storage networks secured by blockchain and…
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100% Investment Retrieval Mechanism with Foresight Insurance

Foresight aims to address one of the core issues currently faced by cryptocurrency investors: exit scams. According to CipherTrace, in 2019 US$3.1 billion was lost as a direct result of cryptocurrency projects which vanished with the money raised from their investors. Foresight imitates the standard insurance policy that is prevalent in traditional markets. However, it…
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