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UnityDAO Presents Obelix, A DeFi Hedge Fund for Generating Passive Income

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications are making massive inroads in the financial world by offering some interesting use-cases catering to the future goals of the financial market. With the growing trend of decentralized hedge funds, UnityDAO has arrived with an interesting value proposition with its own DeFi hedge Fund, Obelix, named after the popular French comic…
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Passport Finance

Passport Finance | Multi-Utility and Intelligent Platform Proffering Seamless Payment Systems

Passport Finance aims to enhance user usability and provide a higher level of efficiency to the users. Although the existing DeFi platforms proffer a wide array of benefits, Passport Finance aims to surpass them and deliver a whole new payment ecosystem that is agile, extensible, scalable, and simple. The attributes of scalability and simplicity are…
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Fry.World – A Yield Aggregator DeFi Project on Binance Smart Chain With High Rewards System

The decentralized Finance (DeFi) market has made considerable progress over the last year with several DeFi tokens hitting sky-high valuations in 2020. The emerging concept of Yield Farming has been enticing to cryptocurrency investors since it allows them to earn passive income and rewards for holding their cryptocurrencies in permissionless liquidity protocols. Fry.World aka Fries…
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YFOS.Finance: The Perfect Ecosystem For Blockchain, DeFi, and NFT Games

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the latest craze in the crypto sphere with a number of projects offering interesting use-cases to the users. DeFi is here to disrupt the traditional way of handling financial instruments by removing all the intermediaries and giving users better control over their finances. Just like traditional institutions, some DeFi protocols also…
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Juggernaut: A Trust-less Network Allowing Users to Run Businesses and Create Synth DeFi Assets

The beauty of Juggernaut is that it allows the users to develop customized DeFi assets conducive to their business. In other words, Juggernaut takes the financial operations and understanding of the community to the next level. This is done by allowing users to provide unique synthetic derivatives to the customers or their specific users. Presently,…
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Habu Finance

Overview of HABU Finance | $HAM token

What’s an idea for HAM? Since the start of the year, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one of the primary markets in the crypto space. Starting as a multi-million dollar industry, DeFi has now made a name for itself as it now boasts over 8 billion dollars worth of value locked in DeFi smart contracts.…
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An In-depth Review of DeFiat.net A Novel DeFi Ecosystem with a Dual-Token Structure and a Fully- Embedded Governance

DeFiat (DFT) is a unique token that combines decentralized governance structure, loyalty discounts, and transactional deflationary mechanism. Revolving in the DeFiat ecosystems are 3 smarts contract, intertwined together: The DeFiat native Token. A deflationary, non-mintable ERC20 token whose supply is capped to 500,000 unit. The DeFiat points earned at every transaction and acting as an…
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The Next Generation Defi Enabled Platform Offers Solutions For Defi’s Challenges And a Blueprint For Blockchain Evolution

While most protocols offer partial solutions that don’t fit together or scale, Verus’ whole system build offers fundamental advances woven into the protocol layer that create an interoperable-blockchain DeFi network. Currency Launches with Fractional Reserve Option: Anyone with a VerusID can launch a currency on the Verus test network as a stand-alone currency or with…
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LunchMoney, an ERC20 Token Gaining Steady Recognition in the DeFi Space with Projects Started by Black Entrepreneurs

A Practical Crypto Alternative to Yelp; Rewards Diners with Tokens upon Uploading Reviews about their Dining Experience 8th September 2020 – LunchMoney is progressively contributing to the growing list of De-Fi projects and ventures founded and run by black people. LunchMoney’s LMY tokens are rewarded to diners who dine at a particular restaurant and upload…
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Ocean DeFi

Ocean DeFi (ODEFI) – A Scalable DeFi Platform With Cross-chain Compatibility And Interchain Asset Transfer

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has recently gained a lot of traction with several traditional financial institutions showing. While the traditional financial institutions already have robust systems and mechanisms, DeFi goes further and beyond offering the promise of absolute decentralization. Ocean DeFi is one such project in the DeFi space that aims to mirror the services of…
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