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Graphene | A Project With a Mission to Rejuvenate and Revolutionize the Ecosystem

The inception of the Sharding technology gives way to the highest level of scalability for a cryptocurrency. In sharding, the blockchain can be split into different shards, each of which has its own unique set of data and identities. The Graphene project takes the sharding technology that has the potential to revolutionize the blockchain and…
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Phore Blockchain Introduces Graphene to Its Sharding-based Synapse Update

Decentralized blockchain platform Phore has come a long way in its journey of offering secure, flexible, and scalable blockchain solutions to users. To expand the platform capabilities further, the Phore community has decided to implement the new sharding infrastructure under the Synapse update. The implementation of the smart contract-based sharding infrastructure will offer nearly infinite…
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Phore is going to Spearhead the DeFi Industry

Phore conducts its operations on the Synapse architecture. Synapse is going to streamline the concept of conducting multiple transactions on different blockchains with sharding, simultaneously. Such transactional scalability and accessibility are unlikely to be seen with other cryptocurrency exchanges.  Everything is transparent and run by the community. Even though the concept of DeFi got its…
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Phore Synapse

The Latest on the Synapse Development Update

Phore Synapse is a new architecture that utilizes sharding technology. Theoretically, it will have the capacity to process thousands of transactions per second. Additionally, it will support high-performance execution of Turing-complete smart contracts to support complex business models, DApps, and enable the creation of customized shards, which are optimized for various use cases. At the…
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Phore Marketplace

Phore Introduces A New Web Browser to Access Its Decentralized Marketplace

The e-commerce industry is expanding at a very rapid pace and will continue to do so over the next decade. While the industry has come this far, it is still dominated by a few centralized players to a large extent. The Phore blockchain is committed bringing an important shift to this existing structure by introducing…
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Phore Blockchain

Q1 2020 Recap of the Phore Blockchain Project

The Phore blockchain helps transfer value around an ecosystem that is both accessible and secure. It supports various features that provide a variety of applications, including reliable transactions. The participants also receive rewards similar to interest payments. Users can opt for either private or transparent transactions. Phore also supports decentralized crowdfunding while reducing the entry…
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Phore marketplace

Phore: A Decentralized Marketplace That Lets You Buy Anything and Everything

Several cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects have come over the last few years but only a few have managed to survive the test of times. This is because blockchain projects fail to address some core concepts of durability, accessibility, flexibility, and scalability. The Phore blockchain platform addresses all these concerns and enables the transfer of value…
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