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Slice Wallet

Sumcoin’s Slice Wallet Makes It Easy to Buy SUM Cryptocurrency At General Bytes ATM

The world’s first index-based coin and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Sumcoin (SUM) has now introduced its native standalone cryptocurrency wallet – the Slice Wallet. The Sumcoin Slice Wallet has a responsive user-interface which makes it easy to exchange SUM cryptocurrency on-the-go through Simple Payment Verification (SPV). The Slice Wallet architecture involves a simplified codebase that makes it…
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General Bytes ATM

Sumcoin Allows General Bytes ATM Operators to Offer a Faster Coin with Lower Fees

The traditional banking and financial institutions have repeatedly failed to win the trust of customers in protecting their money. This has ultimately boosted the growth of decentralized peer-to-peer trading platforms that puts absolute control in the hands of the two transacting parties without involving third-party intermediaries. The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has given rise…
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Sum Coin

Sumcoin: World’s First Index-Based Crypto Coin

* Photo (from left to right): former Idaho Representative Steve Kren, Senator Mike Crapo, US Senate Banking Committee Chairman, Sumcoin creator Ty Jacobsen / The US Senate banking committee conducted hearings covering Blockchain and the digital dollar in July 2020. Sumcoin (SUM), also called the Sumcoin Index, was made by a group of developers around…
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