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Traid Coin

TRAID aid for a better trade

The future of crypto education – powered by TRAID coin

Traid is the world’s first crypto education platform for learning trading that uses their own coin TRAID. There will be group and 1 on 1 coaching sessions, trading signals and live portfolio analysis among other options.

TRAID platform will have all the features you ever need to learn technical analysis. It will teach you when to enter and exit each trade and master the art of crypto trading by seeing what the world’s leading traders are doing. This is a truly educational project that is created for crypto traders by crypto traders.

All training will be delivered via live videos. Traid platform will employ HTTP live streaming (HLS) adaptive bitrate streaming protocol as it provides the best speed and quality of video.

TRAID is also hybrid PoW/PoS/Masternode coin that will serve as a payment gateway.

Features of the platform

Top crypto traders with the the history of winning trades will hand you all the knowledge on the silver platter:

  • daily market analysis
  • live trading sessions
  • real-time trading signals
  • live portfolio overview
  • real-time technical analysis
  • extensive video library
  • exclusive 24/7 chatroom

Nowadays with too much information it becomes difficult to know who you can trust. If we look at crypto trading then knowledge usually comes with big losses. Crypto trading punishes inexperienced users by taking away their money. Therefore Traid project will revolutionize crypto trading by bringing the world’s top traders as you live mentors.

Rewards, Monetization, Donations

Besides getting knowledge, there will be also monetization features. Rewards for quality content will be primary to stimulate the creation of new content. Contrary to social media that exploits content creators by taking all profits for themselves, Traid will reward richly those who deliver quality and honest content. Content creators will be able to monetize their channels with video and display ads and receive 90% of all the generated profits. There will be also donations available for favorite instructors. Another way to spend Traid coin will be to unlock its premium features.

All major cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payment on the platform, but content consumers will get a 50% discount on all premium subscriptions if purchases are made using TRAID coin.

There will be verification of instructors and those will be enrolled in advertising and donation programs. Traid will keep 10% of all revenues generated by content creators.


Coin specification

Name: Traid

Ticker: Traid

Algorithm: Scrypt

Block time: 120 sec

Stake limit: 1

Stake minimum age: 3 hours

Coinbase maturity: 32

Coin maximum supply: 252 million

Masternode collateral: 60 000



Q3 2018

TRAID crowdsale

Official coin launch and wallets release

Bounties and airdrops

3rd tier exchanges listing

Cryptocurrency listing sites

Development team expansion

Web wallet release

Q4 2018

Android and iOS mobile walles

Traid platform global marketing campaign

Traid alpha rollout

2nd tier exchanges listing

Q1 2019

Meetups and conferences

Onboarding process

Traid early beta access

Q2 2019

Event marketing campaigns

Q3 2019

Customized learning experiences

Multilingual version of Traid platform

Achievement rewards for the best instructors

Q4 2019

Traid platform mobile app official launch

Q1 2020

Fiat gateway

Continued user acquisition and focus on platform expansion



Youtube info trailer – English