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Peer-to-peer Value Exchanges

The platform will be true, cross-chain, a peer-to-peer exchange that facilitate the direct wallet-to-wallet transacting of digital assets between network users.

The platform development project is the first project that is backed by New Capital, an incubator that supports and advances transformative infrastructure projects, and the NEM foundation, developer of blockchain technology.

In a new paradigm of crypto economics, the most important and critical function is the ability to store and exchange our digital assets in a secure manner. Centralized exchanges have been proven to be unreliable and insecure, often hacked or abused. Team believes that in order to advance the mass adoption of crypto, a new architecture must be introduced to enable secure and direct peer-to-peer value exchange. The true philosophy of blockchain, is to eliminate the need of middleman and to enable transactions without having to place trust in third parties.

This project will introduce a truly decentralized exchange platform and proof-of-stake blockchain network with cross-chain atomic-swaps capabilities to facilitate the direct transacting of value between network users. There will be no fees for the direct peer-to-peer exchanges, as these transactions are performed directly between user wallets. The TWINS cryptocurrency will be used to power the exchange platform for buy and sell order listings and to reward the community-supported and decentralized hosting of network nodes.

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Stage 1

TWINS Coin Launch
Seed nodes are hosted and controlled by the foundation team. Wallet apps and public master node setup guides will be published during the weeks of the TWINS mainnet soft-launch period.

80% of the block rewards are distributed to TWINS Masternodes, 10% of the block rewards are distributed to TWINS Stakers, and 10% of the block rewards are distributed to the TWINS Developer Fund and will be burned during the first 3 months.

100% of TWINS mined from the seed nodes are distributed as community bounties and used as a liquidity pool.

Stage 2

TWINS Network Growth
Community participation is the critical requirement of the network growth in terms of the number of active masternodes and the accelerating transaction activity of TWINS coin on the network and crypto-exchanges.

100% of foundation reward TWINS are distributed as community bounties for network growth incentivisation, community invites and management, business development and marketing and PR.

Stage 3

TWINS Network Maturity
A critical mass of decentralized masternodes and the acceptance of the TWINS cryptocurrency gives rise to the development and deployment of the decentralized exchange platform and updated wallet apps to support direct peer-to-peer cross-chain transactions.

100% of foundation reward TWINS are used as community bounties for decentralized exchange platform development and network sustainability, community management, business development, marketing, on-boarding incentivisation and project advancements.

Coin specification

Ticker: TWINS
Max Supply: 100B TWINS
Block time: 120 Sec
Maturity: 60 Blocks
Staking Age: 12 Hours
MN: 12176.56 TWINS
Collateral: 1M TWINS
Dev Fund: 1522.07 TWINS
Stakers: 1522.07 TWINS
Block Reward: 15220.70 TWINS


The team is formate from experienced leaders in the fields of telecommunications, cyber security, blockchain and business development. Project’s team is uniquely positioned to initiate and drive solutions that enable the mass adoption of our digital transformation and the internet of value.

Edwin Terek – LinkedIn profile HERE
Entrepreneur, designer, business developer and active investor in ideas that are beneficial to mankind and have considerable transformative potential.

Alex Rožanski – LinkedIn profile HERE
Entrepreneur, business developer, professional with a solid track record for creating and implementing successful development strategies in different business areas. I dedicate myself to projects that are beneficial to mankind and have considerable transformative potential.

Amir Ben-Asher – LinkedIn profile HERE
A deep understanding of technologies, production and service delivery methods. Strong strategic and business analysis capabilities based on years of experience.

Andrius Bartminas – LinkedIn profile HERE
Passionate blockchain visionary and prominent business development professional with a passion for new technologies and innovations. Andrius has proven experience in the field of international business development, negotiations, international relations as well as working experience with governmental institutions.

Vytautas Kašéta – LinkedIn profile HERE
It’s time for distributed technologies and cryptography enabled systems to power and drive NextEconomy, Next Reality and Next Society to empower social responsibility and sustainable development.

Yuri Krichevsky – LinkedIn profile HERE

Alexander Pritsert – LinkedIn profile HERE

Tomas Gurvičius – LinkedIn profile HERE
Entrepreneurial Minded, Sustainability Driven, Global Generalist & Blockchain Supporter.

New Capital

This project’s mission is to ensure that great ideas have the best chance to succeed. New Capital formulates and employs digital assets to capitalize the companies that they partner with, and these tokens play a critical role in enabling secure, flexible and effective crowdfunding opportunities.

Their team actively seek and support projects that are beneficial to mankind and have considerable transformative potential. These projects are carefully selected to meet New Capital’s vision, and must be driven by a talented and result-driven team whose goals are in line with project’s philosophy.

New Capital partners with visionaries, entrepreneurs and breakthrough idea generators to help them achieve their dreams by providing funding, expertise in technology development and business execution, and go-to-market strategies and guidance.

New Capital already has supported three blockchain projects in the masternode niche and one of them is TWINS coin and platform.

New Capital has two operational offices – one in Vilnius, Lithuania, and second in Zikhron Ya’akov, Israel. Their team is truly international, there are participants from Ireland, Lithuania and Israel.