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The Fast, Secure and Reliable Cryptocurrency Exchange


VaultMeX is a new Crypto to Crypto exchange platform that trades at 0% trading fees with unlimited deposits/withdrawals of coins. VaultMex works as a peer 2 peer platform. The platform provides a wide range of cryptocurrencies to trade against other cryptocurrencies. Exchange doesn’t provide FIAT to Crypto exchange at the moment. Minimum withdrawals fees are used to provide network transaction fee.

VaultMeX meets all the IT security industry standards.and one of the main focus in platform’s day to day job is to safeguard customers data. There are various methods to secure the platform’s servers as well as exchange’s software.


Features of the platform

Cryptocurrencies trading at 0% fees

A majority of customer deposits are stored in offline cold wallets. These are wallets that platform keeps offline with complete air-gap isolation. Only an absolute minimum amount of coins to maintain operational liquidity are stored in online wallets. All wallets are encrypted at all times. The wallets and paper backups of them are stored in several geographically distributed vaults. Furthermore, the platform maintains full reserves at all times.


Exchange Network infrastructure is physically segregated and protected by physical and virtual firewalls. The platform uses Incapsula & OVH hardware for DDoS protection in order to reduce downtime at best over 99,9%. All-network traffic is encrypted via SSL and SSH. Platform regularly scans all networks for any security issues using several third-party service providers and run third-party audits.

All funds concerning data are backed up on a regular basis to ensure redundancy while personal sensitive data is cleaned monthly from exchange’s database to ensure maximum anonymity for platform’s users.

Account Security

The project offers two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator as an extra security layer for authentication. All sensitive data like customer’s passwords are encrypted with a random salt before getting stored in the database.

Anonymity puts a lot of efforts to bring the community a safe, secure and trusted cryptocurrency exchange focusing on users privacy and financial anonymity.
VaultMaX regularly deletes all the users IPs and sensitive information to avoid personal data leak in the event of a security breach.
No deposits/withdrawal limits for anyone. No identity verification. NO KYC.


Prospective employees undergo security screenings during the hiring process. All employees use encrypted storage and encrypted password management.
All admin side infrastructure is segregated from public networks and reachable only via intranet, with an increased security level compared to any other exchange.

Voting for a new coin

The voting process is an integral part of adding coins to VaultMeX. However, some crypto coins will be added based on the sole discretion of VaultMeX’s team.

VaultMeX welcomes also paid votes. As a user, you can express your confidence in an emerging coin by offering 0,00005 BTC for each additional vote. Not only will this system promote the most viable and attractive coins, but will also help us advance VaultMeX’s platform. All paid-for votes will be easily accessible by the public at blockchain link.


Benefits of using VaultMex exchange

  • Security & anonymity oriented
  • 100% Uptime & 24/7 Support;
  • A wide range of CRYPTO markets
  • No deposits fees & lowest withdrawals fees
  • Community votes for a new coin



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