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Growing Global Prosperity!


Vitae is a Utility token for new Social Rewards Website. The aim is to providing ease within the platform for members to create income in the form of Vitae Tokens. Social Rewards Website is planned to launch December 26, 2018.

Vitae token will work as a utility token on our Social Rewards Website. It will have a function within the website programming. More details of the Social Rewards Website will be announced at the Blockchain EXPO in North America on 28-29 November 2018

Along with membership actions the website will also provide advertising. Advertising will require Vitae token as payment. This will provide other actions within the design like “Air-drop Marketing”. A complete advertising platform for the website will give businesses a greater opportunity to get results. Comprehensive analytics and “New Age” marketing actions to increase results. These advertising purchases will also be shared with the website community. Automatically integrated within the platform, this value can continue to grow with the membership base.

Vitae Token is not only a standalone token with its own Social Rewards Website. It has also an opportunity for other cryptocurrency projects to be integrated with. Having a Social Website that embraces crypto and blockchain technology gives an opportunity for those companies to grow.


Rewards system on the website

Rewards are provided in multiple ways. From Proof of Stake (PoS) to Supernodes and Masternodes. One can grow Vitae tokens also with staking.

The main attribute for Vitae token within the website is as a payment system. How the system pays you is intricate and has multiple facets. Multiple actions that are normal in the social aspect of the site will provide rewards to members. Upgrade payment action is also involved in the system, it is not required but can provide immense opportunity. This action will provide a demand for Vitae Token as it is the only method of payment.


Technical solutions for the project

Vitae Token is a PIVx fork and containing PIVx technology. Based on Blackcoin PoS 2.0 protocol and is based on Bitcoin core 0.10.x code base. It 6 utilizes a network of masternodes/supernodes for an openly visible decentralized governance and increased transaction privacy.

Vitae token uses a See Saw effect for rewards distribution.

Combining all rewards opportunities including Proof of Stake, Masternodes, and Supernodes. Instant Transactions: SwiftTX transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes/supernodes, with no need to wait for multiple confirmations to be confident in the validity of the transaction.

SwiftTX Eligibility – 1 confirm for locking and 8 confirm to spend, but collateral held for 15 minutes.

Vitae uses Zerocoin Protocol that is a way to provide safety to Master Nodes and Super Nodes from DDOS attacks. It allows the blockchain to continue to function even during attacks.

Project’s Super Nodes require tokens to be burned for that reward to function. Proof of Disintegration (POD) provides a transparent proof of the burn.

Token Specifications

Coin name: Vitae
Ticker: VITAE
Algorithm: Quark
POW phase: Block 1-200
POS phase: block 201 onwards
Difficulty retargeting: every blockchain
Nr.of confirmations required for staking: 150
Block time: 45 sec
Maximum supply: 100 000 000
Pre-mine: 1 105 940
800 000 burned for set up of 80 masternodes
200 000 for bounties, faucets, promotions, and charity
Supernode collateral: 10 000 VITAE
Masternode collateral: 20 000 VITAE
Block reward distribution:
Staking 15%
Masternode 25%
Supernode 60%

Pre-Mine distribution

Vitae had 1,000,000 Pre Mind tokens, 800,000 were burned through the Supernode burn and the remaining 200,000 were also burned, so all pre mind tokens were completely burned


Q2 2018
Wallet release
Marketing begins
100 supernodes available for set up
Begin exchange listings

Q3 2018
The release of Android mobile wallet
More exchange listings

Q4 2018
The release of Social rewards website (26th of December)
Developing partnerships with other companies

Q1 2019
Social rewards website mobile app

Q2 2019
Marketing to advertisers for Social rewards website

Q3 2019
Supernodes connectivity for e-commerce
and Point of Sale terminal applications