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Wolfpack BOT and Wolfcoin

The world’s fastest and most secure trading bot

IEO Initial Exchange Offering from 5th to 7th of May, 2019!

WolfpackBOT is revolutionizing the world of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots using Proof of Work Blockchain technology. WolfpackBOT has WolfpackBOT Trading Software, an optional Hardware Console for its WolfpackBOT trading software and removable Hardware Wallet, it’s called the WolfBOX. The platform has integrated Bitpay and Coinbase wallets.

Wolfcoin is based on a decentralized ledger of all transactions, known as blockchain. The consensus mechanism is Proof-of-Work (PoW). But Wolfcoin works differently than Bitcoin because it has two-tier network where second tier is powered by masternodes (Full Nodes). Masternodes enables Private and Instant Send, and decentralized governance.

WolfpackBOT’s Automated Trading Software

WolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of trades at lightning speed using proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or user customized settings based on personal trading style. WolfpackBOT also allows for simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot. It allows all trading pairs with the WerewolfBOT subscription package. There are three different subscription packages that are allowing different options of trading.

These are:

  • PupBOT
  • WolfBOT
  • WerewolfBOT

Platform is already in Beta testing stage.

Features of the software

  • All Trading Pairs
  • All major Exchanges*
  • Multiple Technical Analysis Indicators
  • Shorting Features
  • Patented and Trademarked Crash Protection
  • Coin Selector
  • Werewolf Configurations and Settings*
  • Werewolf Bull Market*
  • Werewolf Bear Market*
  • Werewolf Sideways Market*
  • Werewolf Ultimate*
  • WolfpackBOT Trading Settings
  • WolfpackBOT Trading Reports
  • WolfpackBOT API Keys
  • WolfpackBOT Languages
  • WolfpackBOT Help Center
  • Instant send
  • Private send

*available only with certain subscription

WolfpackBOT Trading Software OS

WolfpackBOT Trading Software can be installed on your computer (Desktop/Laptop) or on a Virtual Private Server (VPS). WolfpackBOT Trading Software also comes pre-installed on project’s Hardware Console that connects directly to the internet.

WolfpackBOT allows customers to simultaneously trade on BitMEX, Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin, and Poloniex, with all the exchange’s trading pairs available for trading. More Exchanges will be added.

WolfpackBOT offers the widest array of Multiple Technical Analysis indicators, oscillators, configurations and settings available in the world of Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. WolfpackBOT provides Bollinger Bands, Double EMA, Elliot Wave, EMA, EMA Cross, Fibonacci Sequence, KAMA, MA Cross, MACD, RSI, SMA, Stochastic, Stochastic RSI, Triple EMA, and many more.

The WolfBOX Hardware Console

WolfpackBOT is introducing an industry first automated cryptocurrency trading console. This efficient and sleek piece of hardware will conveniently allow for the full utilization of a bot subscription without a need for a VPS or dedicated computer.

When it comes to Cryptocurrencies it’s all about the hardware and wallets. WolfpackBOT has an optional Hardware Console for its WolfpackBOT trading software and removable Hardware Wallet, it’s called the WolfBOX. WolfpackBOT Trading Software and the removable Hardware Wallet are preinstalled on our WolfBOX which uses the most advanced hardware options currently available. Some of the key features of WolfBOX Hardware Console include high speed CPU, solid-state hard drive, built-in RFID Reader, and integrated Bitpay and Coinbase wallets.

HOWL & revenue sharing

In order to reward holders in the form of dividends or revenue sharing, the HOWL Smart contracts, powered by blockchain technology to provide the transparency, speed, and security (i.e., assurance of payment) needed for a revenue-sharing business model was created
Using the HOWL smart contract, users can be sure that they will get their correct share of the revenue. As soon as the BOT subscription revenue flows in, the smart contract will be executed, immediately transferring a percentage of the revenue, paid in WOLF, to users WOLF wallet on a quarterly basis–just for holding HOWL!

How does revenue sharing work?

As BOT revenue flows in, 15% of the gross revenue will be sent to the revenue sharing wallet on the Wolfcoin blockchain for transparency and trust. Every quarter, those revenue sharing wallet funds will automatically be disbursed in WOLF as dividends to all HOWL holders based on the amount of HOWL held in each user’s wallet. With the HOWL smart contract, you can be sure that you will get a share of the 15% of WolfpackBOT subscription revenue that will be allocated to HOWL holders.

The HOWL Token

The HOWL token will be a staking revenue sharing token, with holders receiving a percentage of revenue dividends paid in WOLF. HOWL will also be listed on exchanges in the coming months. With WOLF being used to pay revenue-sharing dividends to HOWL holders, WOLF’s utility will increase.

Snapshot 1:1 HOWL for WOLF on July 15th

For every WOLF coin that you buy in the IEO and hold in your wallet at the time of the snapshot on July 15, 2019, you will receive 1 HOWL token, which is a revenue-sharing token that pays out quarterly dividends in WOLF.

For example, if you contributed $1000 during the crowdsale, you will also receive $1000 in HOWL, which will entitle you to a percentage of the profit sharing that will be paid out each quarter in WOLF.

The price of WOLF during the IEO does not reflect the long term price once we begin trading live on exchanges.

The Wolfcoin Blockchain

The Wolfcoin will be the currency that fuels the group of products that are being produced by the WolfpackBOT. The Wolfcoin Blockchain is a Proof of Work X11 Blockchain with Masternoding capabilities.

Wolfpack Philanthropy

WolfpackBOT reserves a percentage of its gross revenue and will use 100% of the funds for philanthropic endeavors. Wolfpack Philanthropy also accepts donations in Wolfcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to help fund the philanthropic and charitable projects, and we will also match the donations ‘dollar for dollar’.
Project’s philanthropic efforts will include environmental stewardship, renewable energy, human rights, economic development, as well as animal and wildlife rescue and conservation.

Wolf masternodes

In addition to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) rewards for mining Wolfcoin (WOLF), users are also rewarded for running and maintaining masternodes. Masternodes are used to power Private Send, Instant Send, and a governance system. Users are rewarded for running masternodes; 80% of the block reward is allocated to pay the masternode network. 20% of the block reward is allocated to pay the X11 PoW miners. More technical details in project’s Whitepaper.
Masternode owners must hold 10,000 WOLF in their dedicated Wolfcoin wallet, which the wallet proves by signing a message and broadcasting it to the network. Those coins can be spent at any time, but spending them will cause the wallet to lose masternode status and stop earning rewards.

Pre-order subscription rewards specifications

Coin specification

Name: Wolfcoin
Ticker: WOLF
Coin standard: Proof of Work (PoW)
Block time: 60 second block time
Algorithm: X11 hashing
Dark Gravity Wave difficulty adjustment
CPU/GPU/ASIC mining available
Max (Theoretical) supply: 1 Billion WOLF (by 2068)
Pre-mined: 300,000,000 WOLF (Genesis block mined on December 21, 2018)
Block reward: halving activates at every 400,000 Blocks by 50%
MN collateral: 10 000 WOLF
Reward distribution: 80% Masternodes / 20% Proof of Work

WolfpackBOT roadmap


February 2018

  • Conceptual development of WolfpackBOT Software
    May 2018
  • Company Roadmap development
  • Alpha models of WolfpackBOT Software
    June 2018
  • Ongoing research, development, and testing
    October 2018
  • Advertising and Marketing Campaign Starts
  • Wallets available for payment; BTC, BTG, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, and LTC
  • October 15 – Pre-registration begins
    November 2018
  • November 1 – Crowdsale Stage I Begins
    December 2018
  • Official presentation of WolfpackBOT beta Software Preview
  • Creation of Wolfcoin (WOLF: 300,000,000 coins pre-mined on Genesis Block)
  • WolfpackBOT beta Software release to selected customers
  • December 21 – Launch network and mine Genesis block
  • December 22 – PoW / Mainnet
  • December 23 – Blockchain and network testing
  • December 23 – Official Wolfcoin Core wallet released on the website

January 2019

  • January 1 – Wolfcoin Core wallets available for download on the website
  • January 1 – Wallet and Masternode Tutorial available
  • January 1 – Masternode and PoW instructional videos available
  • January 1 – Subscription Pre-order Coin Rewards disbursed
  • Announcement listing WOLF on top-10 Exchange
    February 2019
  • February 1 – Crowdsale Stage I Ends
  • February 1 – Crowdsale Stage II Begins
    March 2019
  • March 15 – Crowdsale Stage II Ends
  • March 15 – Crowdsale Stage III Begins
  • WolfpackBOT Software roll-out to contributors
  • May – WolfBOX Console available for Pre-order, shipment
  • June – New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options and indicators
  • July – New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicators
  • August – WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V2.0, Second major release: Strategy Marketplace and Back-testing
  • September – New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicators
  • October – WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V3.0;
    Third major release: Signals Marketplace (Supporting 3rd Party App Signals);
    Mobile Application for WolfpackBOT Software and Trading Platform
  • November – New trading features such as new exchanges, strategy options or indicator
  • December – WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V4.0

January – WolfpackBOT Software Trading Platform V5.0;
Fourth major release: Machine Learning Strategy Optimization

Team of the project

Philip Longhurst
Philip Longhurst – Chief Executive Officer

The leader of the project and the man behind the WolfpackBOT trading bot, Philip Longhurst is a mathematical genius, engineer, day trader, and animal rescuer. As an account manager for J.P. Morgan and MBNA Bank, Phil managed the accounts of several high-profile clients and businesses. He has been successfully trading stocks for over twenty-five years and has successfully applied his trading expertise and mathematical acumen to the cryptocurrency market since 2013. LinkedIn profile HERE

Rogier Pointl
Rogier Pointl – Chief Financial Officer

Rogier Pointl is a successful entrepreneur with nearly twenty-five years of experience in business management, marketing, financial administration, economics, and fintech. Rogier holds bachelor’s degrees in Business Communications and Financial Administration. He is a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, having served as CEO and owner of Simworld, the first virtual reality racing center in Europe, where he oversaw the development of advanced simulator and virtual reality hardware and software. LinkedIn profile HERE

Jason Cormier
Jason Cormier – Chief Technical Officer

Jason Cormier is a humble -but extraordinary- individual who is blessed with a Mensa IQ of 151, he is continually driven by a desire for knowledge and self-growth. He is self-taught in Visual Basics, C#, C++, HTML, and CSS and began developing programs and applications at the age of 14, including the TCB Wallet, which was the first ever wallet program that held its users’ log in names and passwords. LinkedIn profile HERE

Jay McKinney

Jay McKinney – Chief Web Development and Design Officer

Jay is a veteran of the Iraq War who put his life on the line in combat to protect countrie’s freedoms. To center himself while stationed in the Iraqi warzone, he taught himself C# as he knew honing his Web Development skills would help him provide a better future for himself and his family. Upon returning home safely, he worked his way through college and holds bachelor’s degrees in Computer Programming and Web Development & Design. LinkedIn profile HERE

David Johnson
David Johnson – Chief Software Development Officer

David holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Systems, graduating with Magna Cum Laude status. He has worked for the Kentucky Housing Corporation, serving as a network analyst and software engineer. As an entrepreneur, he has owned his own web and software development company since 2009, creating and maintaining several websites in C# and PHP, and has been operating the crypto-oriented YouTube channel BigBits since 2017, where he discusses automated Cryptocurrency trading strategies. LinkedIn profile HERE

Gabriel Condrea
Gabriel Condrea – Software and Web Development Officer

Gabriel Condrea holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering and has worked as a software developer and senior systems engineer in both the United States and the United Kingdom, working with a variety of programming languages and IDEs. He has used his expertise to create Manufacturing and SCADA systems in industrial applications. LinkedIn profile HERE

Igor Otorepec
Igor Otorepec – Chief Hardware Development Officer

Igor is an engineer with twenty years of experience specializing in advanced PLC programming and industrial robotics. He is also an IT security expert and a CEC Certified Ethical Cracker who uses his skills to expose and patch security vulnerabilities in blockchain codes. LinkedIn profile HERE

Manik Ehhsan

Manik Ehhsan – Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Manik holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has over five years of experience in Web Development, Digital Marketing and Graphics Design. He has also managed the marketing for more than 30 successful Cryptocurrency start-ups and projects, and specializes in SEO and ASO. Manik is also a Cryptocurrency project promotion expert with an emphasis on Masternodes and building Social Media Communities. LinkedIn profile HERE

Rance Garrison
Rance Garrison – Chief Marketing Officer

Rance Garrison holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and specialized in Seminary Studies for his Master’s degree. He served as an AmeriCorps VISTA at WMMT-FM, the radio station owned by Appalshop, an arts and education center in Kentucky, and has also specialized in local cable television advertising. Rance is also a musician who has released several albums independently over the last decade. LinkedIn profile HERE

Paul Gabens
Paul Gabens – Chief Public Relations Officer

A master negotiator with a penchant for strategy, Paul Gabens brings more than twenty years of marketing and promotional experience in the automotive, hospitality, and entertainment industries to the Wolfpack. He is also an avid stock and cryptocurrency trader, having first entered into the cryptocurrency market two years ago, embracing his passion for crypto with the same vigor as his love for travel, classic cars, extreme roller coasters, and surfing. LinkedIn profile HERE

Blake Stanley
Blake Stanley – Marketing and Social Media Officer

Blake Stanley is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who also has over six years of experience managing both government and private sector client and customer relations. A strategic thinker and expert in the field of social media-based advertising, Blake also owns and manages his own online marketing company where he has been successfully curating and implementing online marketing and advertising strategies for his clients for the past three years. LinkedIn profile HERE

Martin Kilgore
Martin Kilgore – Market and Trading Analyst

Martin Kilgore holds bachelor’s degrees in both accounting and mathematics, having researched Knot Theory and the Jones Polynomial during his undergraduate studies, giving him a firm edge when analyzing market conditions. He has worked as a staff accountant for several governmental organizations. LinkedIn profile HERE

Jonathan McDonald
Jonathan McDonald – Chief Trading Strategy Officer

Jonathan has honed his trading skills over the past five years by studying and implementing economics, financial strategy, Forex trading analysis and trading bots. Through his constant learning, he discovered Cryptocurrency after seeing the difference in market volatility and high yield trading. His fine-tuned trading strategies complement Crypto markets perfectly, and he has been implementing trading strategies to the Cryptocurrency market for over a year with phenomenal results. Jonathan is constantly improving his trading skills with an emphasis on scalping techniques. He has applied his trading skillset to the WolfpackBOT and enjoys working alongside the Wolfpack in creating the fastest trading bot on the market. LinkedIn profile HERE

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