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Dynamic. New. Adaptable.


Innovative cryptocurrency that is used on a new platform for mining with the T.N.T. masternode system. XDNA introducing completely updated and innovative platform for mining that has taken into account many current platforms and cryptocurrencies problems. There are two unique methods on this platform – BitGun, named after one of XDNA developers, and T.N.T., TripleNodeTechnology, that are created by this team.

Main features of the new cryptocurrency are:

  • BitGun – completely innovative principle for dynamic change of block reward
  • T.N.T. – advanced multi-level masternodes concept –Triple Node Technology
  • XDNA Foundation – non-commercial charity cryptocurrency fund

Here is a comparison of the benefits of the new platform vs. problems of current currencies.

Existing          vs.          XDNA

Long transaction vs. Blocktime 60 sec & InstantSend

ASIC POW algorithms vs. New unique HEX Algorithm

Instamine vs.Antiinstamine first 720 blocks

Big DevFee  vs.  Only 1%

Big Premine  vs. 0.7% of POW

No purpose  vs. XDNA charity Foundation

Small miners reward  vs. BitGun

Price of masternode  vs. Triple Node Technology

Timeline and block reward distribution

XDNA lifespan can be divided into 2 phases – Proof-Of-Work and Proof-OfStake. During these phases, the block reward size and distribution differ. During POW the block reward is determined by BitGun, the following block reward distribution applies:
– 70% to miners;
– 15% to Full Nodes;
– 9% to Medium Nodes;
– 3% to Light Nodes;
– 2% to XDNA Foundation;
– 1% to developers team.

Premine has been of 971,712 XDNA, that is divided in the following:

  • 350,000 XDNA – creation of XDNA Foundation
  • 271,712 XDNA – developing team reimbursement (incl.domain rights, SSL certificate, design work, etc.)
  • 350,000 XDNA – marketing expenses (social, bounty, sponsorships, exchange listing, ec.)

How to get XDNA


Coin XDNA exchange

XDNA has been listed in Crypto Bridge and Cryptopia and available for trading.



2017, Q4 – 2018, Q1-2 -3 completed

elaboration of T.N.T. and BitGun idea

whitepaper and roadmap creation

setup 2 wallets with publicly available view keys for the monitoring of Bounty and XDNA Foundation

creation of website

blockchain release

listing on exchange 1 (from TOP 50) – CryptoBridge

new algorithm HEX

creation of block explorer

creation of unique GUI wallet

etc. technical implementations

2018, Q3 – Q4  partially completed

listing on exchanges (TOP 25)

a release of web wallets

a release of paper wallets

listing on coinmarketcap.com, coinwars.com

listing on whattomine.com

listing on walletgenerator.net

2019, Q1 – Q4

achieve agreements to use XDNA in partly offline and 100% offline services

listing on an exchange (TOP 15)

create own platform for worldwide services

a release of XDNA – $ direct exchange

make contacts with online stores accepting crypto

different integrations (Shapeshift, Cryptonator, Coinomi, Jaxx)

start crowdfunding service

2020 – 2021

implement Phone-to-Phone easy payments through NFC protocol

listing on a TOP 5 exchange

build a headquarters of XDNA foundation



Charity XDNA Foundation

All projects will be listed on the Foundation’s website, as well as all payments and donations will be trackable on the blockchain. In order to fund this, 350,000 XDNA from the pre-mine and 2% from each block will be used. Within platform’s uniquely designed wallet, it is possible for investors to automatically transfer funds to the XDNA Foundation or a specific project.

On August 10, 2018, there is 366 921,98 XDNA raised for charity purpose already.


Structure of XDNA foundation.

Technical specifications

● Name & ticker: XDNA
● Consensus algorithm: PoW/POS
● POW phase duration: 1440000 blocks
● PoW block reward: Dynamic, 4-511 XDNA
● Instamine protection: First 720 blocks
● Hashing algorithm: Keccak
● Estimated XDNA supply during POW: 138,000,000
● POS starting block: 1440001
● POS phase duration: Unlimited
● POS block reward: 57 XDNA lowering by 4 coins every 525600 blocks until block reward is 1 XDNA
● POS block reward distribution: SeeSaw
● Estimated XDNA supply during 15 years of POS: 228,000,000
● Premine: 971,712 XDNA (0.7% of POW total supply)
● Blocksize: 1 MB
● Blocktime average: 1 min (DGW3)
● Number of transaction confirmations: 6
● Maturity: 60 confirmations

Source code is


Although the team has not yet been mentioned on the project website (this section is under construction), it is verified by KYD (know-your-developer) website, see HERE.