32 Digital Assets Are at Risk of Getting Delisted by Houbi Crypto Exchange

32 Digital Assets Are at Risk of Getting Delisted by Houbi Crypto Exchange

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32 digital assets have been placed in the ‘ST’ risk category by Houbi. According to the exchange, the ‘ST’ category means that the digital asset is in danger of being delisted by the exchange because of a breach in the company’s token administration regulations.

Houbi Tags 32 Digital Assets

Fortunately, only warnings were issued to the 32 affected digital assets mainly because of their insufficient trading volumes. The company has given its reason for just issuing a warning to them. It started that: “In order to promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, Huobi regularly carries out comprehensive reviews of the listed tokens in accordance with the Token Administration Regulations of Huobi. According to the results of the review on December 20 (GMT+8) 2018, the following tokens are warned of “ST” risks due to insufficient trading volume.”

The list of the 32 digital assets that were affected includes:

  • AppCoins (APPC),
  • BitCapitalVendor (BCV), BnkToTheFuture (BFT),
  • Datum (DAT),
  • DigixDAO (DGO),
  • EchoLink (EKO),
  • Enigma (ENG),
  • Everex (EVX),
  • Gas (GAS),
  • InvestDigital (IDT),
  • Intelligent Investment Chain(IIC), Lunyr (LUN),
  • MediShares (MDS),
  • MyToken (MT),
  • Metal (MTL),
  • Medical Chain (MTN),
  • Matryx (MTX),
  • Ost (OST),
  • Propy (PRO),
  • QuantStamp (QSP),
  • QunQun (QUN),
  • Ripio Credit Network (RCN), Raiden Network Token (RDN), Rate3 (RTE),
  • SALT,
  • STN,
  • Tierion (TNT),
  • Utrust (UTK),
  • WePower (WPR),
  • XMax (XMX),
  • ZJLT,
  • Zilla (ZLA)

Houbi’s Token Administration Regulations

The aforementioned digital assets will undergo re-examination by the team at the exchange on the 26th of December, 2018 and those that meet Article 16 in Houbi’s Token Administration Regulations will have ‘ST’ tag attached to their trading pairs.

In Houbi’s Token Administration Regulations, article 16 states that the exchange has a right to issue ‘ST’ warnings to notify traders of the risks involved with trading related to a particular digital asset. However, the ‘ST’ tag can only be given to tokens whose projects have been reviewed and are found wanting in the fulfilment of the following requirements:

  1. Project teams fail to update the quarterly report on time or fail to update the semi-monthly reports for twice in succession as scheduled even fail to update it within 7 days after being notified to do so
  2. In 15 consecutive days, none of the trading pairs of the tokens has an average daily trading volume larger than$50,000 or other equivalent tokens
  3. It is considered necessary to mark “ST” through the comprehensive evaluation of inquiry, regular review, special investigation or on-site investigation
  4. Other situations identified as serious violations of the Regulations by Huobi.