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Coinlib platform review

The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Platform: Coinlib Review

One key aspect of trading the crypto market is portfolio tracking. No matter the size of your trade, you surely want to have a well-detailed overview of how your investment is doing in the market. Thankfully there are many platforms to go about doing this, but a small percent of these platforms actually delivers. A…
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ESBC betting portal

ESBC Betting—The Future of Gambling

Video gaming has gone beyond a hobby or a form of escape from real life. e-Sport betting is a perfect justification for this fact. People are now having careers in video gaming and investors are coming into space with millions of dollars worth of investments. All these factors and many more make the e-Sport space…
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FastWay is Solving the Global Remittance Industry Problems One Transfer at a Time

The popularisation of blockchain technology has changed the face of the global remittance industry. Previously, it is almost impossible to complete a cross-border payment within a 24 hours timeframe. With the introduction of DLT into the financial space, transferring millions of dollar within seconds is now possible. Problems of the Global Remittance Industry Cross-border payments…
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FastWay crypto and fiat payments

FastWay: Safe, Fast and Private Way to Make Crossborder Payments

It is everyone’s dream to one day make a lot of money to take care of their family members’ needs. For some people, they need to travel out of their country of birth to make the needed money. The problem them shifts from making money to sending money back to their families back home without…
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Blockchain Life Event in Moscow 2019

1st National Cryptocurrency’s Creators Perform at Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow

Press Release The global forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining Blockchain Life welcomes more than 6000 people from all over the world at the Expocentre this fall. Purchase tickets to one of the grandest industry events at One of the most anticipated forum’s sections is “El Petro — the 1st successful case of creating…
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LUX coin

Is LUX Coin About to Take Off?

LUX recently reduced its rewards (newly created coins) by 13.49%. But perhaps more important to the market, they reduced mining rewards by 37.5%. LUX is a hybrid coining with 50% of their blocks being mined through a proof-of-work algorithm and 50% of their coins being staked through a proof-of-stake algorithm. This greatly reduces attack vectors…
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Credibility and Protection For Masternode Investors & Crypto Developers

How Watchdog is Offering Credibility and Protection for both Masternode investors and crypto developers Credibility in the crypto industry is quickly becoming a rare thing. With so many hacks and fraudulent incidents getting reported daily, it has become clear that all hands need to be on deck when it comes to combating fraud in the…
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crypto news

Top Five Cryptocurrency News Of The Week May 4 – 11, 2019

Many news broke during the course of the just concluded week, however, only the top five of will be mentioned below. Hackers Withdraw 7,000 Bitcoins in Binance Crypto Exchange Security Breach The number one cryptocurrency exchanges by daily trade volume, Binance has experienced a major security breach. The exchange revealed that the hackers employed a variety…
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WIN.WIN: The Future of Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange

With several cryptocurrency exchanges getting hacked on a regular basis, it has become quite pertinent that a better alternative that does not require trusting the safety of one’s coin in the hands of complete strangers. This reason and many others is why the platform was created. The Win.Win Exchange Win.Win is a cross-chain, a…
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blockchain news

Top Five Cryptocurrency News Of The Week April 20-26, 2019

Several news broke during the course of the just concluded week, however, only the top five of will be mentioned below. Indian Government Renew Efforts To Ban Public Digital Currencies Recently, the government of India has reportedly increased its efforts to kick out public virtual currencies as some government officials have come forth to show…
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