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Credibility and Protection For Masternode Investors & Crypto Developers

How Watchdog is Offering Credibility and Protection for both Masternode investors and crypto developers Credibility in the crypto industry is quickly becoming a rare thing. With so many hacks and fraudulent incidents getting reported daily, it has become clear that all hands need to be on deck when it comes to combating fraud in the…
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Top Five Cryptocurrency News Of The Week May 4 – 11, 2019

Many news broke during the course of the just concluded week, however, only the top five of will be mentioned below. Hackers Withdraw 7,000 Bitcoins in Binance Crypto Exchange Security Breach The number one cryptocurrency exchanges¬†by daily trade volume, Binance has experienced a major security breach. The exchange revealed that the hackers employed a variety…
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WIN.WIN: The Future of Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange

With several cryptocurrency exchanges getting hacked on a regular basis, it has become quite pertinent that a better alternative that does not require trusting the safety of one’s coin in the hands of complete strangers. This reason and many others is why the platform was created. The Win.Win Exchange Win.Win is a cross-chain, a…
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Top Five Cryptocurrency News Of The Week April 20-26, 2019

Several news broke during the course of the just concluded week, however, only the top five of will be mentioned below. Indian Government Renew Efforts To Ban Public Digital Currencies Recently, the government of India has reportedly increased its efforts to kick out public virtual currencies as some government officials have come forth to show…
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Several Ethereum Wallets Discovered To Be At Risk Because Of Weak Key Pairs

A publication concerning some faulty public and private key pairs attached to the Ethereum blockchain was released by a security consulting company called Independent Security Evaluators (ISE). The deciphering of 256-bit encryption by hackers in order to have access to random private keys is expected to take years. However, 49,060 ETH transactions are being questioned…
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Crypto regulation

India is Advancing on Crypto Regulation Amid Ban Rumor

Despite rumours that the government of India is already making plans to ban crypto for good, crypto regulation in the country is advancing as there have been reports stating that some recommendations have been enacted. Also, a draft bill on the regulatory framework for virtual currencies is been disseminated among important divisions of the government.…
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Blockfi High-Interest Crypto Lending Program Launch in India

According to a recent report, Blockfi which is situated in the U.S now has a branch in India where it offers high-interest rate on its account for two digital currencies. It’s subsidiary, Blockfi Interest Account (BIA) for ETH and BTC is now present in 65 countries across the world. Blockfi Interest Account (BIA) The company…
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Bitfi Refuses To Support Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Based on a recent report, Bitfi has made it known that it has taken a formal decision to not include Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its wallet ecosystem as the company’s management is of the belief that although Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has a secure and serviceable technology, its Public Relations and advertising campaign are complex especially…
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South Koreans Crypto Holdings Has Increased By 64%

South Korea has turned into a very good place for the development of virtual currencies as it currently has the highest digital asset trade volume in the world, a recent report says. Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA) conducted research using data obtained from 2,500 people living in South Korea and who invested in virtual currencies…
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Blockmason & Binance Launches Blockmason’s Credit Protocol Token on Binance Chain

According to a recent report, Blockmason alongside Binance is set to launch a new token called Blockmason Credit Protocol Token (BCPT) on Binance Chain. The token will be one of the first tokens to be available to users on the upcoming Binance Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Binance DEX Binance DEX is the decentralised exchange feature which…
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