A New Bitcoin ATM Tracker Site Commence Operation in Moscow, Russia

A New Bitcoin ATM Tracker Site Commence Operation in Moscow, Russia

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Based on a recent report, a news website designed to pinpoint the exact location of cryptocurrency ATM machines and other points of sale (POS) on the map has been officially launched in Russia. The website— Cryptocoinmap.ru, only has information pointing to bitcoin ATM locations in the city of Moscow. However, the team behind the website has made it known that it has plans to increase coverage of the machine soon enough.


The platform has been described to share a similar design and features with the well know bitcoin ATM tracker website Coinatmradar.

Cryptocoinmap.ru which was created by two Russian companies, Nanobit and Sova, is said to possess some unique features which make it a bit different from the Coinatmradar. The companies in charge of its development have also made it known that they will continue to develop the project.

Currently, the website only gives information on bitcoin ATMs locations in the Russian capital. Through these ATMs, crypto enthusiasts now have the opportunity to trade fiat with digital money.

According to the website, Moscow now has six bitcoin ATMs for buying BTC and then there is another bitcoin ATM (exchange) that allows for the selling and buying of the digital asset.

The website reportedly provides information about their addresses, phone numbers and business hours as well as images of the surroundings.
This can be credited to the platform’s integration with Yandex Maps, a Russian alternative to Google Maps, which offers some important such as directions to the BATMs and real-time traffic updates.

Cryptocoinmap.ru allows users to filter the suggestions by business hours, available services and supported cryptocurrencies.


For POS, more coins are supported. Currently, several top-tier coins like bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and dash are widely supported.

In order to encourage convenience, the exchange rates for each crypto are being converted into several national currencies and displayed.