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Korea’s Blockchain Association set to Turn South Korea’s 6th Largest City Into a Blockchain Centre

The blockchain association of South Korea (Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association) plans to influence the authorities in Gwangju to help with its agenda of transforming the region into a specialized Crypto-Valley District. According to the association, the transformation of South Korea’s 6th largest city into virtual currency centre will make available plenty of jobs, (KBEPA).…
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Coinbase European

Atari is on Track to Launching Two Blockchain Based Games

Atari, a Gaming-Giant video game company has recently announced a new partnership. This partnership will see to the update of two popular games in a way that they will be exploiting Blockchain technology to function. Two Games to be Relaunched The company released a statement which consists of the information on how the gaming company…
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Bitcoin ATM

A New Bitcoin ATM Tracker Site Commence Operation in Moscow, Russia

Based on a recent report, a news website designed to pinpoint the exact location of cryptocurrency ATM machines and other points of sale (POS) on the map has been officially launched in Russia. The website—, only has information pointing to bitcoin ATM locations in the city of Moscow. However, the team behind the website…
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Onegold has Announced Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) on its Platform

Onegold, a Popular online billion marketplace has recently made it known that it now supports payment using bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin core (BTC) on its platform. Using the new crypto options, users can purchase precious metals on the Onegold platform. All precious metal bought on Onegold’s platform are fully physical and are stored at…
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Blockvest scam

Scam Crypto Website is Using Fake SEC Badge as a Sign of Approval

In a few days ago press release by the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, the agency made it known that it has obtained a court order which makes it possible to arrest and prosecute whoever is in charge of the blockchain based company, Blockvest. Blockvest Blockvest is a blockchain based company which was founded and…
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