Access an All in One Solution to Your Crypto Needs using the Exosis Blockchain Platform

Access an All in One Solution to Your Crypto Needs using the Exosis Blockchain Platform

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The crypto industry has so far become saturated with several projects getting recycled under new names. As a result of this, it has become increasingly difficult for users to keep track of things in the industry.

Generally, the needs of people involved in the crypto industry are centered on trading one token/coin for another, having their coin stored and being able to monitor market price along with their various investment portfolio. This, however, does not undermine the functions or several other blockchain focused projects. However, most traders would definitely prefer if my chosen exchange is also offering me some added services.

So imagine a platform that provides you with all you need to invest and conduct your business successfully in the crypto industry all in one place? Awesome right? Well, there is and the name of the platform is Exosis.

The Exosis Platform

The Exosis blockchain is a useful multifunctional blockchain platform, which has five different crypto platforms all in one.

  • The five different platforms all makes use of the Exosis coin, and they are as follows
  • a Decentralized e-commerce site,
  • a Virtual Masternode,
  • an OTC platform,
  • a multiplatform e-wallet,
  • and a Decentralized exchange.

Exosis Platforms

Decentralized E-commerce Platform

Projects built on the decentralized e-commerce platform, makes use of the the Exosis coins to conduct transactions.
Apart from providing utility for the Exosis coins, the decentralized e-commerce platform also provides a secure platform for users to make purchases online. The level of security is very high, as it is difficult for hackers and phishers to infiltrate.

Decentralized Exchange

One of the core components of the Exosis ecosystem is the decentralized exchange. The fact that many established crypto exchanges have been facing certain challenges, mostly because of an increase in regulations and security concerns, makes the decentralized exchange on the Exosis blockchain very attractive, as it takes care of all these problems.

The exchange also boast of one of the fastest order processing speeds in the industry.

OTC Platform

The Exosis blockchain’s OTC Platform provides a platform for its users to be able to make exchanges between fiat and digital currencies, thereby complementing the decentralized exchange which already provides users with the chance to make exchanges over the blockchain.

Virtual Masternode

Staking or mining is one of the best opportunities to earn quality money in the crypto industry. Users who invest in staking or mining make extra income. Runners of masternodes are also charged with governing the network’s activities.


The E-wallet is an amazing service offered by the Exosis platform, which makes available a cross-platform functionality. With the E-wallet platform, users of the network can safely store their crypto currencies, as the E-wallet is designed to withstand most forms of hacking attack, thus very secure.

The Exosis Coin

A Mainnet is what the Exosis coin is based on, unlike some other coins which are linked to the parent chain. As a result of this, Exosis will have to be in charge of the security systems, as this gives Exosis the chance to set the pace and also the standards of the kind of security to be used.

The Exosis Proof-of-Work

The Exosis platform uses a proof-of-work based consensus for its governance. A lot of blockchains use this as well due to the benefits it offers. The POW if properly implemented will deal with certain security issues, as well as utilize new technology.

Earning With Exosis


Users of the Exosis blockchain have many ways of earning. For example, coins can be traded using the OTC platform together with the Decentralized exchange. In this case, the trader’s effort gets rewarded.

Mining Coins

Miners on the Exosis blockchain can easily mine on the network using the required hardware. Miners can also make use of the virtual masternode in case there is a restriction faced from the internet connection or the hardware being used.

Apart from making it very convenient for blockchain users to focus on making money through trading online as well as ensuring that their money is safely kept, the Exosis blockchain platform boast of a robust multi-functional platform that fits into the daily activities of any crypto users.