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YRise Finance

YRise Finance | Enhancing the Power of DeFi-helmed Staking, Farming, Fixed-Rate Savings and Gaming

Taking one step further, yRISE Finance brings the next level of Decentralized Finance abilities to the community, as it enables users to stake, yield farm, and leverage the DeFi system to invest in fixed-rate savings and other portfolios of DeFi assets and use cases such as gaming. Its platform is one of the most user-friendly…
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CopyCAT- An Opportunity for All Traders to Become Leaders

The new doors for investment and profits are open with CopyCat to analyze leaders’ moves and tactics in the trading industry. Now everyone can come and populate the leaderboard and get access to live data of the strategies and market indicators. How to get started with CopyCAT? Land on the Registration page and go through…
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Mining ZCash

Mining Zcash | Ensuring Completely Private & Secure Transactions with zk-SNARK

Cryptocurrency miners are always on the lookout for privacy and an ability to automate things. Mining Zcash takes care of the privacy part and adds accessibility to the mix with the cloud mining operation. The miners will be able to set up the mining algorithms that boast valid financial transactions and do not disclose any…
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A Multi-faceted and Highly Intelligent MZC is the Next Big Thing in the Cryptoworld

The rationale behind MiningZcash is to deploy next-gen cryptocurrency features with robust security and privacy. The coin provided by MiningZcash goes by the ticker MZC, and it can be mined with the Proof of Work technology similar to Bitcoin. Furthermore, the MZC operates on the ERC20 smart contracts to create a stable and robust ecosystem…
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Ultra Clear Coin

Ultra Clear coin | An Environment-Friendly Coin Allowing the Users to Contribute Towards Carbon Neutrality

Helping Mother Earth rejuvenate in the time of adversity is what every human must do with great enthusiasm and zeal. The efforts to help the environment get better and conducive to human health are not very visible, which can be due to many reasons. One of them can be the inability to earn or get…
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SYBC tokens

SYBC Tokens: Offering Millenials The Right Opportunity To Invest In Luxurious Real Estate Without Financial Burdens

The traditional real estate market has exploded over the last decade with property costs surging magnificently higher. The major barrier to entry in owning a home, or any other real estate for that sake, has been the massive down-payment costs. This has crushed the aspirations and dreams of millennials to buy homes early in their…
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Predix Network

Predix Network: A Blockchain-based Prediction Market System Supporting DEXs Like Uniswap

Over the last many years, the Ethereum blockchain network has been the top choice to launch crypto projects. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain’s native ERC20 protocol that allows cryptocurrency projects to launch their native crypto tokens. Besides, the Ethereum blockchain is also host to a number of decentralized applications (DApps) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens…
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Empower Community, Changing The World – Meet Chasyr

The community as we know it What is a community? According to the Oxford dictionary, it is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. Communities have always allowed people from across different areas to develop a sense of unity, making them feel as though…
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Juggernaut: A Trust-less Network Allowing Users to Run Businesses and Create Synth DeFi Assets

The beauty of Juggernaut is that it allows the users to develop customized DeFi assets conducive to their business. In other words, Juggernaut takes the financial operations and understanding of the community to the next level. This is done by allowing users to provide unique synthetic derivatives to the customers or their specific users. Presently,…
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passive income

Ultragate Project – Unlocking Passive Income Stream for Crypto and Blockchain Enthusiasts

The Ultragate Project is making major noise in the blockchain and the crypto world due to the multitude of services it offers under one Ecosystem. Ultragate caters to the developments of several blockchain-based platforms that help businesses and individuals by leveraging the power of blockchain. What makes Ultragate special is the varied number of investment…
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