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CRYO blockchain project

Investing in a CRYO Project Could Make All the Difference in Your Crypto Investment Journey

Masternode investment platforms have become quite common in the crypto space. The reason for this can be traced back to long-lasting bearish market the crypto market was thrown in since late 2017. Then, most coins were not rising in value and the ones not dumping hard were in range. This made owning a masternode the…
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ICO Initial Coin Offering

What is An ICO And How Does It Work?

ICO which is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering means of carrying out a crowdfund for blockchain projects. It can also be referred to as token sale. It is used by firms to raise money for their projects and it is done by offering the investors a token or a virtual currency in exchange for…
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virtual currency

Africa in Focus: Blockchain Technology and Africa

Blockchain Association of Africa which is based in South Africa has recently made it known that it will be joining hands with Afriplains Digital, a next-generation technology services company in Tanzania, and Blockchain Worx which is a FinTech-RegTech venture based in Singapore which render services like anti-money laundering transaction monitoring systems and securities tokenisation platform,…
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Blockchain Summit

Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit Welcomes 5,500 Delegates

Press Release May 27, 2019 Attendance surpasses expectations, confirming event’s global status The second edition of the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit has solidified its position as a world leading event in the sectors of A.I., blockchain, crypto, and other emerging technologies. Welcoming a staggering 5,500 delegates, 150 exhibitors and 100 start-ups over the two-day…
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SnowGem on Bitcoin ATM

You Can Now Buy SnowGem Using Bitcoin-ATMs Globally: Mandatory Updates

SnowGem (XSG) has one of the most active community in the market right now. The team behind the coin has made countless updates and upgrades to its technology within a short period of time. In a time where the altcoin market is gloomy and everyone dumping the low-level altcoins, the SnowGem team has held their head…
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Sakhi Coin

Sakhi Coin: Every Year is a Winning Year

One thing the one year has proven in the crypto market is that everyone won’t yield profit. You will most likely lose money some years and others, you will make a lot of money. For those who are fortunate enough to stumble on the staking package offered by Sakhi Coin and are okay with the…
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GEXAN Blockchain Lottery, A Place Where Everyone Is A Winner

One term which investing in cryptos has been associated with in the past and even by some up till now is GAMBLING. So it is really no surprise that the gambling industry is getting a facelift thanks to blockchain technology. Capitalizing on the advantages DLT has to offers, an autonomous decentralized lottery platform has been…
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Wolfpackbot IEO

WolfpackBOT: Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) to Start in Less than 20 Hours

Sponsored article One of the major advantage Wallstreet traders have over retail trader is their trading algorithms developed by the best minds in the world. Contrary to popular opinion the amount of money investment houses on Wall Street have, has very little to do with their success. This is why the development of solutions like…
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Klimatas: Want to Make A Lot of Money While Doing Good?

Sponsored Article Anyone who says you can’t make yourself rich while doing good and keeping the environment in good condition surely haven’t heard of the Klimatas blockchain project. Klimatas is a blockchain project centered around the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SGDs) goals. With the team behind the project working hard to ensure that the projects’ goals of…
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Peng coin

You Can Now Give Anonymously Using PENG Coin

Sponsored Article Founded in 2018, PENG Coin is a cryptocurrency focused on making the world a better place and making difficult processes more sustainable and cost-effective. The project’s sole purpose is to decentralize a charitable transaction. PENG Coin ensures donations go directly to actual causes rather than middlemen. Leveraging blockchain technology, the PENG Coin project…
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