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blockchain project

XUEZ: A Project That Has It All to Replace Bitcoin

The success of altcoins such as Ethereum and Litecoin, has lead to an increase in the number of coins currently circulating in the global crypto market. There are more than 2000 active cryptos in the market right now and the number is not showing any sign of dwindling anything soon. Hopefully, the extensive bear market…
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peer-to-peer crypto exchange

Centralized Crypto Exchanges Losing Funds, P2P Exchanges Arrives: Introducing TWINS Coin

One problem common in the blockchain space is hacking and theft. So far, more than $2 billion worth of cryptos has been stolen from crypto exchanges. With the most recent hack attack dating about one month ago, it doesn’t look like this will be ending any time soon. Hacking incidents are almost becoming a norm…
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innovative blockchain

How Investing In SDG Goals Can Change Your Life’s Finance

Charged with ensuring the sustainability and welfare of the world, the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is a collection of 17 goals global goals expected to get achieved before 2030. Despite being a UN-sponsored agenda, several individuals and organisations have adopted the goals. Also, investments and donations…
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Cryptofightclub coin

Demystifying the Crypto Market With Cryptofightclub Coin

The crypto industry has had its ups and down and has grown into something worth fighting for. The industry is now regarded as a community with millions of active daily participants. As a community, the main goal is to push the adoption of cryptocurrency and make it one of the biggest financial markets in terms…
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All You Need To Know About the WolfpackBOT Crypto Trading Software, and Why You Should Subscribe Now

Just like with every major industry, the use of computers to make work easy is now a common thing in the financial industry. The financial industry has seen a rise in the use of a trading robot in recent time. This increase in the use of trading robots can be credited to the need to…
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crypto coin

ARION Coin: A Top Notch Community-based Crypto Coin

The use of cryptocurrency as a means of escaping economic sanctions and difficulties has been on the rise of late. So far, many governments globally are now employing the use of cryptocurrency. Recently, the Iranian Government made it known that it will be launching its own state-backed stablecoin. Some other countries such as Venezuela, for…
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day trader

A Typical Day in the Life of a Day Trader

Anyone who has ever read or watched a financial analysis video has been presented by compelling overt testimonial style adverts from relatively obscure day traders who have amassed millions of dollars in easy returns from their market prowess and stock trading savvy. From the sheer benevolence of their collective hearts, these kindly traders off their…
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World Crypto Forum

World Crypto Forum (WCF) is on Track to Become the Number One Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Forum

Forums are an online platform where people from different background come together to discuss, ask questions and provide answers to various questions. Generally, forums are usually built around a particular subject matter. This subject matter is what attracts people interested in discussing and learning more about this particular topic to the platform. When it comes…
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digital cryptocurrency

P2P Coin— Investing in Masternodes Made Cheap and Easy

With the crypto market going through one of the longest downtrends in its history, buying and selling of coins on an exchange are becoming very unprofitable. As a result, it has become increasingly important to find wiser ways to get invested in the market with a long term outlook. So far, buying a masternode has…
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Oduwa coin

Oduwa Coin—The Future Of Global Payment and Trading Solution

With so many coins getting introduced to the crypto market on a regular basis, it has become increasingly difficult to find coins that have true usefulness. This has been a major cause of concern as a majority of these coins are plain digital cash grabbing scheme championed by scammers. This is why one need to…
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