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SnowGem (XSG): A Crypto Diamond In the Rough, Now Legally Backed

One good thing about the ongoing crypto bear market is that several crypto projects which were originally not built to last have died a natural death. The previous bull market led to an influx of half baked crypto projects designed to raise funds and vanish eventually. When it comes to finding out if a project…
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mobile app

FLITS mobile App: Staking and Owning a Masternode Made Easy

As important as making money is, so is managing and monitoring your investment. For those planning to invest in crypto in the long run, it is important that you know that buying and holding your coins while hoping, praying or wishing for the price and overall value of coins in your portfolio to increases overtime…
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Crypto Fight Club

Crypto Fight Club: Unlimited Staking Pool Wealth

The Crypto Fight Club is a crypto project developed to mirror the everyday struggle we all face as a human being. The project has come a long way since our last post on it. For those following the project actively, you will notice that the project is more focused on getting itself listed on as…
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WolfpackBOT Coin Crowdsale: The Perfect Time to Stock Your WolfpackBOT Wallet

The use of trading algorithms and bots has found its way into the crypto industry. With large bank account wall street financial institutions joining the crypto bandwagon, apart from increasing the market cap of the crypto market, this established organisation will be forced to invent trading bots well suited for trading the crypto market, just…
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ANON Blockchain Summit

Summary of The First Day ANON Blockchain Summit Vienna Exhibition Impressions

The second day has started and time to give a short summary how was the first day in this large scale and impressive event – ANON Blockchain Summit Vienna 2019. Conferencies Vienna ANON Blockchain Summit is a part of Vienna Blockchain Week that happens here for the first time. April 1-5, 2019, Vienna lives under…
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ODUWA COIN: A Unique and Fresh Crypto Project on Track With its Goals and Objectives

One established fact when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies is that nothing is certain. This simply means your trade which has been in the green zone for more than six weeks can take a sudden turn and become negative within a few minutes. So just because your trade is going right doesn’t mean you are…
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The KingsCoin’s Train is Never Slowing Down

KingsCoin has come along way to become a coin with a working community and is getting closer to achieving its goals of serving more purpose than to transact, increase the sociability of cryptocurrency, along with the size of the audience able to use it. Apart from having an active community on almost all its social…
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p2p lotteries

The Golden Fever Platform: Next Generation Blockchain Lottery and Gaming Platform

The use of blockchain technology in game development has been found to be more advantageous than most traditional platforms currently on the market. When it comes to gaming, especially those that have to do with gambling (online sports betting, casinos and lottery) blockchain technology helps to solve two of the major problems associated with the…
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Sakhi Coin

Is Sakhi Coin the Crypto Project with the Highest APR and the Future of Decentralised Exchange?

When it comes to making money investing in cryptocurrency, the most popular way of going about it is to buy the coin, store it in a secure wallet and hope for the price of the coin to rise. The past 18 months has however proven this method to be faulted. The market has been in…
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blockchain platform

Why the Fline Investment Blockchain Platform is Way Better Than Any Masternode Investment

While others are waiting on the market to turn around and for their positions to turn into profit, some other traders are trading both sides of the market. So whether the market is moving up or down, this set of people are steadily cashing in on the market movements. Like the name clearly denotes, “blockchain…
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