ACED Migrates to BSC Opening Up New Segments for the Users to Engage and Earn

ACED Migrates to BSC Opening Up New Segments for the Users to Engage and Earn

ACED migrates

TORONTO, ON, March 24, 2021 — The entertainment-focused cryptocurrency, ACED, which works in the online betting domain, casino, and slots, has decided to part ways with the ETH network. The platform has now migrated to BSC or Binance Smart Chain. This also means that all the transactions that were earlier happening on UniSwap are now happening on the PancakeSwap.

This migration to a new chain will lead to several benefits, including lower trading fees, faster transactions, and better staking and farming exposure. BSC’s performance is at par with ETH, and the PancakeSwap delivers an equal amount of transaction capacity with efficiency. ACED is also among the top 50 listings on HotBit after it was inducted in the Growing Section of the trading platform.

Advantages of Migrating to BSC from ETH

After seeing the higher and progressive increase in the trading fees on Uniswap (more than $50), the ACED platform decided to make the switch. Even though the migration is in its nascent stages, several things are planned for the platform as it progresses. Most importantly, with this migration, ACED will turn into a Defi network that further exposes the users to overarching transactional benefits of the system

After coming to the new network and using PancakeSwap, ACED will also begin its farming and staking operations that will further give users another system to earn and grow their investment. Since this is a migration activity, it can be considered a rebirth of the platform with new possibilities and tokenomics.

A Wide Array of Benefits

The migration will also bring the non-gaming community into the fold and engage with the network. Once the farming contracts are operationalized, ACED will finally become a part of the Defi market allowing the users to take advantage of the system and increase their reward generation.

Once things are underway, there are plans to build ACEDSWAP that will work as a decentralized exchange on BSC. Once ACEDSWAP is operational, it will also be possible to stake, swap, and create NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

What is PancakeSwap?

At present, the ACED coin swapping and exchange are functional on PancakeSwap. It is a native decentralized exchange system running on the BSC, giving the users a better and more cost-effective way to earn and exchange tokens.

Moreover, this exchange platform is relatively faster and cheaper than running on an ETH network like Uniswap. For instance, the trading fee on Uniswap is more than $50, but on PancakeSwap, it is only between $1-2.

A High Potential Roadmap is Already Planned

After migration, ACED will be listed on the top 50 CEX listings, followed by progressive marketing. Until the second quarter of 2021, will have an endpoint integration for sports, and also an affiliate network will begin. Until the end of 2021, the users can also start using AceD poker and AceDSwap.

To Sum it Up

ACED‘s migration to BSC is beneficial, seeing the higher trading fees and a transaction volume limit on Uniswap. Even though ETH is a broader network, BSC is faster, more accommodating, and user-friendly. That is why the ACED team has chosen to start using BSC as their source for network power.

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