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Bitcoin POS

Bitcoin PoS – Registering Strong Market Growth After Mainnet Launch And Introducing New Updates

Bitcoin needs no introduction as it is the first digital currency to start the crypto revolution. Over a decade since its inception, Bitcoin remains one of the most celebrated cryptocurrencies in the market today. However, when it comes to the network scalability and performance, there are still a few loopholes that need to be addressed.…
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unFederalReserve eRSDL – A Decentralized Middle Market DeFi Platform for Overnight Cash Balancing Between Lenders

The recent growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) has unlocked massive opportunities in the market. A number of DeFi platforms have come to life offering some interesting lending and liquidity opportunities to its users. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the DeFi market is like a big ocean of lenders and borrowers that transact in anonymity.…
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Metex Exchange

Metex Exchange – Changing the Future of Metals Trading By Tokenizing Precious Metals

Innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies present the unique ability to tokenize and trade any asset under the sky. These technologies offer the beautiful gift of digitization and liquidity to non-movable and precious assets like metal and commodities. With its transparent and immutable nature, blockchain technology offers an additional layer of security. Leveraging the disruptive potential…
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Strudel Finance

Strudel Finance | Creating a Trustless bridge between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Using a bridge to wrap tokens and altcoins have been on the rise, but users are at risk of losing credibility and assets. However, Strudel Finance presents a safe, secure, and intelligent solution in the form of a trustless bridge. Strudel Finance is the first bridge that joins Ethereum with Bitcoin. By using the platform’s…
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Cross Finance

Cross Finance yield farming – Earn 280% APY when staking BNB on Binance Smart Chain

The discrepancies and insecurity of trading on centralized exchanges forced people to move towards decentralized exchanges (DEXes) where they have full control over their money, and transactions are completely transparent and autonomous. Since last year, there has been tremendous growth in the application of DEXes and DeFi. The success of DEXes is quite evident from…
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Bithumb Global

Verus Announces New Exchange Listing, Contests with 140,000 VRSC in Prizes, AMA & Halving

London, November 11, 2020: Privacy, identity, and the DeFi-ready blockchain ecosystem, Verus, announces its newest exchange listing on Bithumb Global, a top-tier digital asset trading platform, providing world-class fiat and cryptocurrency trading services to users worldwide. Backed by more than half a million community members, Bithumb Global enables each global user to trade, participate or…
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noob to pro

The Crypto Initiative is Officially Launched As Crypto Noob And Pro Join Forces

2020 brings exciting new dawn in crypto with the days of ICO boom often mentioned in comparison to the current expansion and growth within the industry. One thing that hasn’t changed is the rise in scams and the lack of people doing their own research before investing. Recently Crypto Beast has launched a new Youtube…
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Enoki | The Fun of playing and the Satisfaction of Earning Money is now Fused

Enoki Finance tasks the users with harvesting mushrooms converted into NFTs and placed in the liquidity pools. The motive of using Enoki-style staking and farming is to add to the existing DeFi capabilities and enhance the way users engage with the platform. At its core, Enoki wants to inoculate the DeFi ecosystem with a new…
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BiNech: Bring Safe and Secure Crypto Trading Facility for the Global Community

Over the last decade, cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platforms have come a long way in serving investors and traders worldwide. However, with regulatory actions sweeping-in, only legit players have managed to sustain. London-based BiNech Exchange is one such global cryptocurrency trading platform that supports trading for over 20 cryptocurrencies and serves millions of people…
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OkCash: Registering Phenomenal Growth In the Crypto World With Interesting Passive Income Opportunities

Decentralized open-source hybrid cryptocurrency Ok Cash has come a long way with its community expanding in size over the last few months. This highly efficient and self-sustaining cryptocurrency aims to bring crypto use to the mainstream by facilitating faster transactions with a high confirmation rate and low transaction fee. The OkCash’s native network OK Network,…
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