African Crypto Ecosystem Round-Up

African Crypto Ecosystem Round-Up

African crypto

One of the fastest growing regions when it comes to adopting cryptocurrency is Africa. In the continent, there are three countries spearheading the adoption of this new technology. These countries are Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Variation in Project Origin

Apart from locally based and established blockchain projects within this region, such as; African cryptocurrency coin (AUC), there are foreign-based blockchain startups with their origin and head office based outside the continent. A good example of this is Luno.

Luno Mobile Wallet

Luno is a cryptocurrency mobile wallet, which makes it possible to buy and sell bitcoin and Ethereum from a mobile app. The Luno App also makes it possible to receive cryptocurrency from external sources. This means you just need to copy the wallet address provided to you on the platform and send it to whoever is going to be making a transfer to you. Upon getting about three confirmations, the money appears in your Luno account. This money can then, in turn, be withdrawn directly into user local bank accounts.


Pesamill is another significant blockchain project based on the continent. Pesamill is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange with recently commenced operation in Kenya. The exchange is built with the intention of serving the African audience alone. In a statement coming from the founder, Brian Ngugi, he made it known that after Kenya, the following countries: Uganda, Ethiopia, and Tanzania are next on his agenda.


Blockchain technology is about solving problems and making things that were thought impossible become possible. A good case of this can be found in mCoin.

mCoin is a product of ONEm Communications, a blockchain technology company based in the UK. One problem common with most African region is a poor Internet connection. This is why ONEm Communications has decided to launch a coin which can be transferred via a simple text message. So whether you are in a remote region with the poorest of internet connections, you can still benefit from the use of blockchain technology for your various payment needs.

With several top blockchain companies like Blackrock, SBI bank, Binance and many more shifting their attention towards the continent more innovations are expected within the continent.