AlGame Foundation has Launched the first Artificial intelligence (AI) Integrated Online Poker Game

AlGame Foundation has Launched the first Artificial intelligence (AI) Integrated Online Poker Game


Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its use in several innovations ranging from online ads to search engine. Based on a recent report, AlGame Foundation has found a use for AI technology in online gambling. The tech company has made it known via a recent press release that it has launched its first public project called AIPoker. According to the press release, the AIPoker platform is going to be the “first online poker game platform worldwide that integrates AI, big data, and blockchain technologies.”

AIGame Foundation’s Technological Patents

According to the team behind the development of the AIPoker, the game is based on AIGame Foundation’s technological patents.

They continued by stating that:
“The AI automatic strategy system that can perform human-created strategies is going to utterly change the gameplay of the traditional online poker games.”

The team further stated that:
“The crux of this set of technological patents lies in the practice of letting users edit and create “strategies”. Then the machine will precisely apply the strategies made by the player in dozens or even hundreds of games.”

Going by this, participants can easily take part in a larger number of games than usual. Also, new players can take part in the game by simply selecting a “high-win-rate strategy on the ranking list.”.
It was also made known that the player who composed the strategy will get a revenue share once any player wins the game.

Huge Data Bank

Players will also have access to the platforms data bank and they will be presented with various statistics in the form of the visual chart. Through this, the players will have a shot at improving their strategies, which they can also apply in an offline poker game.

It was also stated that “AIPoker can also use more in-depth methods such as comparison data mining and simulating machine learning to provide players with highly professional strategy optimization advice.”