Alpha Finex | A Future-Ready Exchange Aiming to Increase the Investor’s Profit

Alpha Finex | A Future-Ready Exchange Aiming to Increase the Investor’s Profit

Alpha Finex

Forex trading is easier said than done. There are a multitude of aspects involved if a user wants to successfully earn rewards by pegging the native currency to a foreign asset. However, there is a wide room for error, miscalculation, and wrongful investment because a user lacks knowledge about the exchange system and the platform itself.

To cover these aspects and many more similar mistakes that can very quickly make a user’s investment redundant, Alpha Finex brings a smart system of solutions that will aid the users with reliable, powerful, and fast recommendations. At its core, Alpha Finex is an exchange platform that facilitates Forex trading between cryptocurrency pairs on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.

However, to address the core issues a user can face in terms of investment and exchange, Alpha Finex leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to ascertain to provide reliable, market-oriented, and trustworthy solutions to increase the profit on invested capital

Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Alpha Finex is an advanced implementing future-ready solution. The advent of smart technologies like AI have multiple benefits and one of those advantages is helping with decision making. For a layman, understanding the intricacies of the Forex or an exchange platform is no less than rocket science.

Due to the wrong advice, hasty decision, and a lack of proper understanding, Americans lost more than $1.7 billion in 2018 on Bitcoin trading. Well, Alpha Finex has been working for years now to build a system that runs automatically and continuously helping the users get the most out of the investment by sending notifications about the market position, safety, and security risks.

To get the most of investments, the users need proactive help. Alpha Finex’s troubleshooting mechanisms help create an informed environment which further facilitates safe deposits for the users.

Every second ton of data and information is exchanged on the blockchains. It pertains to the market forces and how they are changing the position of one cryptocurrency vis a vis others. So, if a user wants to invest in Cryptocoin A, it is essential to understand the previous trends and measure the asset’s relative positioning against the user’s owned assets. This is essential to facilitate an exchange that is beneficial to the users.

Alpha Finex automatically records and reads these transactions and changes on the blockchains recording the changes and storing them for future reference. All the price charts, tickers, indicators are read and analyzed to create a coherent picture and comprehend their position.

These activities are recorded and sorted by day, month, week, and year. In the end, all of these changes and transactional parameters are then presented to the users in a readable manner that helps in trading and investing. The best part is that all these transaction records are kept safely on the blockchain, shielded from any sort of attacks and breaches.

Alpha Finex Token (AFN)

The AFN token resides on the Ethereum blockchain, and it is built with the ERC20 standards. The total supply of the coin is 100,000,000. Out of which;

  • 30% of the coins are kept for mining and to facilitate the transactions.
  • 20% of the coins is reserved for the development team and the same amount (20%) is again reserved for the release team.
  • 10% of the coins are kept for marketing.
  • While a buffer of another 10% is reserved to lock and destroy.
  • Lastly, 10% of the coins are kept for the Alpha Finex Rooms.

In addition to this, the token issuance is facilitated not for the sole purpose of raising capital, but there are several aspects attached to it. Down the line, the AFH token will become a medium to deposit the investments on the exchange. The users moving ahead with the investments by using AFH tokens will receive special rewards and the owners of these tokens can also receive preferential privileges towards buying new shares when the same are listed on the platform. In the future, the entire platform will turn into a Digital Equity system and the AFN tokens will be integrated into this system.

To Sum it up

Alpha Finex is a smart platform that aims to help the community earn higher profits on the investment. With smart technologies integrated into the platform, the users will receive authentic and reliable recommendations pertaining to investment decisions. With the future of cryptocurrency getting more diversified and complex, Alpha Finex provides a system to enhance the core understanding of these products and their impact.