Metex Exchange – Changing the Future of Metals Trading By Tokenizing Precious Metals

Metex Exchange – Changing the Future of Metals Trading By Tokenizing Precious Metals

Metex Exchange

Innovative blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies present the unique ability to tokenize and trade any asset under the sky. These technologies offer the beautiful gift of digitization and liquidity to non-movable and precious assets like metal and commodities. With its transparent and immutable nature, blockchain technology offers an additional layer of security.

Leveraging the disruptive potential of blockchain and crypto, the Metex Exchange is all set to transform the future of metals trading. Metex positions itself as the global metals exchange wherein anyone can trade precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium in a secure environment and with an absolute peace of mind.

It is clear that Metex aims to democratize the process of metals trading by making it free from the clutches of middlemen who want to take their addition cut. Metex aims to remove any kind of entry barriers for retail investors and to make trading available to anyone. Metex Exchange reduces complexities and costs associated with trading precious metals.

Based out of Australia, Metex Exchange is a fully compliant registered company and strictly adheres to AUSTRAC’s regulatory guidelines. Aside from offering easy accessibility to the precious metals, Metex also provides physical backing, secure storage, and regular auditing of its own Platinum and Palladium tokens (MxPT and MxPD respectively). These tokens are listed on the Metex Exchange alongside Gold Standard and Silver Standard tokens minted by Ainslie Wealth In Brisbane Australia (AUS and AGS respectively).

Understanding How the Metex Exchange Works

As said, the goal of the Metex Exchange is to democratize traditional metals trading and make it accessible to anyone worldwide. The platform makes it “fast, secure and affordable” to buy and sell physical tokens.

All the tradable assets on the Metex Metals Exchange are completely backed by their physical counterparts eg. 1 token equals 1 gram of metal. All the physical assets backing these tokens are stored in specialized and secure vaulting facilities that are controlled by the respective token issuers.

By offering a range of metal-backed tokens with trading pairs in Bitcoin and USDT, Metex overcomes many of the challenges facing the traditional metals industry. The tokenization of precious metals introduces additional liquidity, digital transactions, micro trades and most importantly, global participation.

Users can trade for 24 hours seven days a week, and there’s no minimum order size and no account verification if they’re trading using crypto. Metex Exchange operates with live order books allowing users to easily trade tokenized metals like Gold and Silver at a price that they choose (limit order). Trading prices are therefore driven by the economics of demand and supply.

Benefits of Using the Metex Exchange

The first and foremost benefit of the Metex Exchange is that it completely democratizes metals trading, making it completely accessible to 100’s of countries around the world.

It is more than just a trading platform as it allows user to engage in metals trading them-self without the need to engage with a broker or bullion dealer. Moreover, with tokenized metals holdings, users can easily liquidate them whenever required and at their own discretion.

For those who want additional utility, Gold and Silver tokens traded on the platform can also be withdrawn and sent to an eligible blockchain address. An added bonus is that these tokens can also be converted back into physical gold and silver by engaging with Ainslie Wealth in Brisbane Australia.

Metex has developed a dedicated exchange for precious metals trading and is set to disrupt the way metals are traded.