AMD has Partnered With Seven Companies to Produce the Best Crypto mining Rigs

AMD has Partnered With Seven Companies to Produce the Best Crypto mining Rigs

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Based on a recent report, AMD, an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, has partnered with seven tech companies towards its development of the next best crypto mining rigs. The mining rigs to be created are expected to cater to every class of miners.

Miner Manufacturers Earning More

So far, the price and values of leading coins in the crypto market have been nothing to write home about. Although the negative effect of this spreads across all sectors of the crypto industry, the mining sector has suffered the most. With the rate at which the price of minable coins is dropping, mining is no longer profitable like it uses to be, especially for miners making use of GPUs. A recent report has however seen some ASICs manufacturers making considerable revenues. This is clearly indicating that even though the price of coins are dropping, the price of a miner is not.

In order to remedy this, AMD has decided to partner up with seven top-ranking blockchain based companies to produce the best crypto mining rig for every class of miners. These miners won’t only be cheap compared to the current market standard, the miners are expected to yield more profit for miners.

AMD and Partners to Manufacture Eight Miners

The names of the companies in partnership with AMD are Sapphire, ASROCK, ASUS, MSI, Biostar, TUL and Rajintek. Based on information from AMD’s official website, eight different class of mining rigs will be manufactured and each one is designed to offer solutions according to the expectations and purchasing power of each user.

Although AMD has not listed the price of these miners on its page yet, the feature and names of these miners can be found on the official webpage of the company.

This move by AMD has been described as a way for the chip maker to increase its stakes in the crypto mining industry.