Angel Versetti Unveils Big Syscoin Bet At Ritossa Summit In Monte Carlo

Angel Versetti Unveils Big Syscoin Bet At Ritossa Summit In Monte Carlo

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MONTE CARLO, MONACO, July 09, 2022 – Angel Versetti, serial crypto entrepreneur and investor, has unveiled his family office Versetti&Co’s big bet on Syscoin ($SYS). Known for launching and exiting several highly successful businesses, such as Ambrosus ($AMB), SecuChip, ($WSBT), Moon Rabbit ($AAA) and ($DOGE) and being one of the earliest institutional-size investors into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra and Chiliz, Angel Versetti revealed his new title of Head of Whales at Ritossa Family Office summit in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the world’s largest gathering of family offices, with over 4 trillion USD in assets under management.

Family Offices have long been the powerhouse and source of liquidity for alternative investments. Versetti&Co was the world’s first crypto family office, focused exclusively on crypto opportunities. Angel Versetti unveiled his family office’s outsized bet on Syscoin’s cryptocurrency SYS and showcased Syscoin to over 400 high profile guests of the summit, which included the world’s largest fund managers, royalty and senior executives. Versetti unveiled a detailed roadmap for Syscoin for H2 2022 and 2023, with particular emphasis on scalability, ecosystem growth and upcoming exchange listings. Versetti&Co has assembled a consortium of family offices and institutional players who together support growth and development of Syscoin’s network and Layer1 ecosystem, with the goal of making SYS the leading Layer1 network and investing in upcoming tokens and protocols built on top.

Angel Versetti, who is also Founder of Moon Rabbit ($AAA), the world’s first cryptocurrency focused on life extension technologies, also highlighted the opportunities longevity sector offers to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, revealing successful collaboration Moon Rabbit established with leading longevity industry players as well as the Metaverse vertical within Moon Rabbit ecosystem fostering global collaboration on sharing research and data around Longevity. Moon Rabbit ecosystem’s flagship project ($WSBT) focused on global prediction markets was also highlighted as the tool to propagate collaboration on crowdsourcing and decentralized decision making.

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