ARION Coin: A Top Notch Community-based Crypto Coin

ARION Coin: A Top Notch Community-based Crypto Coin

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The use of cryptocurrency as a means of escaping economic sanctions and difficulties has been on the rise of late. So far, many governments globally are now employing the use of cryptocurrency.

Recently, the Iranian Government made it known that it will be launching its own state-backed stablecoin. Some other countries such as Venezuela, for example, has developed its own state-backed cryptocurrency — Petro, which is currently being used as a means of payment within the country and by the government of the country. All these are clear indication that cryptocurrency has gone mainstream and its use is far beyond just the internet. There has also been an increase in the number of merchants accepting cryptos as a means of payment for goods and services in recent time. This increment is most noticeable in regions facing economic hardships which have left the country’s official currency worthless. A good example is Venezuela which is going through the highest ever recorded inflation rate. This high level of inflation has left the country’s official currency, Bolivar, worthless. This has resulted in residents of the country seeking alternatives. So far, cryptocurrency has done a great deal to help alleviate the hardship faced by business owners and their customers while conducting local or international transactions.

Being a major South American country, the active use of cryptocurrency in Venezuela has also spread to other neighbouring countries. According to a recent report, South America is the number one region when it comes to crypto adoption and integration into everyday life. The use of cryptos by popular merchants and chain stores in the region is steadily on the rise. Although DASH has been recognised as the leading crypto in this region, other cryptos built on the dash network which are designed to address some of the flaws associated with the use of DASH has been developed and launched. A good example of such crypto project is the ARION Coin.

The ARION Coin

The ARION coin crypto project is designed to serve as a strong community-based crypto coin. According to its developers, the project’s aim is to serve as a medium of exchange in communities where hyperinflation has left them with a highly devalued local currency.

Currently, South America is the main focus of the ARION coin crypto project. Since the Project’s main focus is targeting new and emerging markets where ARION can play a key role in integrating Cryptocurrency into everyday life, South America is the perfect place to focus on. Being a Dash based project, the coin can easily find it use amongst merchant in search of features lacking within DASH network. The ARION project also targets users in the region who still have no idea what crypto is or how it works. ARION project’s goal is to use this coin as a payment solution. Once adopted, users will be able to use QR code scanning technology and ARION debit cards to scan or swipe at all major retailers.

ARION Masternodes

Since ARION Masternodes are based on the DASH code, this allows for stable, scalable, reliable and secure transactions. The code is Open-source, peer 2 peer, decentralised and has functionality included like Instantsend, Privatesend and Dark Gravity Wave technology.

According to a recent report it was made known that the team behind the project are well known and trusted people in the crypto community. The team developed ARION as a High-End, High-Value coin with a sustainable APR and long-term investment in mind.

ARION wallet

Just like with any cryptocurrency project worth using, there is a need for a wallet. Through the wallet, users of the coin can transfer the coin from one individual to another. The Arion Wallet has the PrivateSend and InstantSend features. What this means is that transactions can be done instantly and privately using the ARION wallet.

With the rate crypto integration and mass adoption in South America is growing, and the ARION coin project being one of the pioneering crypto projects in the region, strategically, the coin is positioned to attain a massive usage in years to come.