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Building a Better World Through the Blockchain

Updated Beacon_White_Paper_v1.3

Beacon is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that supports multiple revenues generating platforms. With scalability and utility in mind, Beacon will establish these platforms over time in order to channel a piece of the revenue earned on each platform into the non-profit arm of the project, the Beacon Foundation.

It’s this decentralized nature that makes Beacon unique compared to any other project. A true currency: one coin, many uses. The project is gaining utilities through acquisitions, partnerships, or development.

Acquisitions and development are done through this project’s Incubator. This is where developers, both project’s and outside of Beacon, can join this Ecosystem. They use this project’s resources, community, project’s team, in order to build their idea into a utility, revenue generating platform. In return, they join the team as their project’s lead and their platform join the Beacon Ecosystem.

The Beacon coin is used as utility coin in all connected projects. Through that growing revenue, the project can fund even more development, execute coin buybacks, and fund the treasury. Ultimately, all excess revenue flows into the Treasury.

This is where the project will create a modified DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and establish a real-world foundation. Once the Beacon Foundation is established, the DAO will help the team select and advance initiative ideas as well as other project-based decisions.

Cryptocurrency has a terrible public image and this project aims to help nudge it back in the right direction.

The Beacon Ecosystem

A highly scalable environment built to house an array of utility platforms.

Currency is only as effective as the ecosystem that it serves. While many projects focus on the specificity of a single utility, Beacon will turn that idea upside down. Like a true currency, the Beacon coin will be used across a collection of projects.

However, while some projects focus on newsworthy partnerships and drumming up demand through social media, Beacon will create its own demand from the inside. Project’s focus is to create great platforms that cryptocurrency investors want to use.

Monitor Bot Services

The first platform to be absorbed into the Beacon Ecosystem via the Incubator is the multi-multi-faceted service provider, Monitor. Acquired In October, the project Monitor is an already active service provider that will provide Beacon utility on day one. Monitor provides standard and customized automation programs for Discord, Telegram, and a number of other social platforms.
Monitor also provides hosting services as well as shared masternode and shared staking pool services at competitive prices.
Beacon will receive 15% of all revenue earned by Monitor. This will allow Beacon to execute buyback opportunities, strategic coin burns, and contribute to the Beacon Treasury.

Beacon Arcade

Projected to launch in Q4 2018 is the online entertainment platform Beacon Arcade. Staying true to the mission of bringing a little fun and community back to crypto while doing good works, the team wanted to build something they are all passionate about.
Starting out with a few classic, popular games, Beacon Arcade will grow into a comprehensive entertainment platform that will be accessible to all cryptocurrency investors. Beacon Arcade will accept Beacon exclusively as its game coin.


Currently under development, the project to launch in Q1 2019 is the online merchandise store CryptoSwag.

While other online stores exist for cryptocurrency merchandise, CryptoSwag will focus on brick and mortar partnerships allowing for cross-promotion as well as revenue sharing through crypto payment gateway integration into their online stores. Currently,

CryptoSwag has already acquired its first partnership with Apex Wraps located in Decatur, IL. It is a successful decals and wraps company with 15 years of business under its belt.

Beacon will be the preferred payment option, providing a projected 10% discount on all purchases.

Beacon Foundation

A charitable organization to formulate, fund, and execute initiatives across the globe.
The primary vision of Beacon is a cryptocurrency that can change the way the public sees blockchain technology and will make a difference in a number of lives around the globe. An ambitious vision but one that can be achieved with the right team driving it forward.

With a combination of block rewards and revenue, Beacon will establish a real-world foundation (Q2 2019) that will form and execute its own initiatives across the globe. Starting on a small scale, these initiatives will grow in size and scope as the funding from the Ecosystem increases.

Beacon Incubator

Open invitation for developers to join the team and bring their ideas to life.
This is the most important attribute of the Beacon project. An ecosystem needs people to maintain it and projects to populate it.

Beacon opens its door to developers who have a great idea for a utility platform but lack the resources, network, team, and community to bring their idea to the finish line.

If you have a great idea and you think it would be a great fit inside the Beacon Ecosystem, please reach out to any team member. If we agree that it could be a beneficial project to take on, you will become the Project Lead and we will help you realize your vision within the Beacon framework.

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Decentralized power structure giving masternode holders ownership in the platform.

The DAO will launch once a count of 200 MNs is built, not counting Seed Nodes. Popularized by the Dash cryptocurrency, DAOs are an under-utilized feature in the cryptocurrency space that has the potential to do great work.

The initial function of the DAO, through MN holders’ vote, will be to choose from a list of potential initiatives that the project’s Team will pursue. Beacon will be executing the DAO a little differently. Instead of having the DAO hardcoded into the blockchain, the project will build a separate platform where MN holders will be able to register and validate their credentials. This is done to allow Beacon and its community more flexibility in how it funds the Treasury as well as how those funds are utilized in emergency situations in the real world.

In time, voting will expand as the project and community expand. From on-boarding new organizations and third-party individuals to emergency charity opportunities like a natural disaster or social issue. The Beacon DAO will guide the project well into the future and each MN holder will own a piece of that future.

Coin Details

Name: Beacon
Ticker: BECN
Algorithm: Quark
Block Time: 70 seconds
Blocks/Day: 1 234 blocks
Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block
Maximum Coin Supply: 84 000 000
Premine: 1 000 000 (1.2% of Max Supply)
400,000 – Presale 300,000 – Paid to Pre-Launch Development Team Vesting Schedule
250,000 – For Bounties, Loyalty Program, and Partnerships
50,000 – Masternodes for Network Security and Treasury
Masternode Collateral: 10 000 coins



Development of Beacon begins

Key team members join a development

Launch website
Release White Paper
Launch blockchain and distribute coins
Complete KYD (know your developer) verification
Beacon listed on CryptoBridge and Crex24
Beacon listed on monitoring services


Beacon listed on CoinMarketCap
Launch the Beacon Arcade platform
Form Executive Board

Launch CryptoSwag online store
Launch Beacon DAO
Release mobile wallet and Store App

Launch the Beacon Foundation
Beacon listed on top Tier exchange
Launch 4th Use Case for Beacon

Allow 3rd party donations to the Foundation
Online store partners with a 10th supplier


Foundation partners with an International organization
Launch 5th Use Case for Beacon

Establish Beacon outreach programs
Foundation has donations on six continents

Foundation partners with small GDP country
Launch 6th Use Case for Beacon

Launch next phase of Beacon…

Project’s team

Group of dedicated and passionate cryptocurrency enthusiasts building a better world.

Patrick Tompkins, Founder – LinkedIn
Aleš Kalan, Developer – LinkedIn
Barry Kostjens, Developer – LinkedIn
David Durieux, Developer – LinkedIn
Joel Phillips, Web Developer – LinkedIn
Evgeny Kagan, Advisor (Trittium Founder) – LinkedIn
Barry Doyle, Advisor (CryptoFlow Founder) – LinkedIn
Nicholas Massey, Community Manager – LinkedIn
Mike Watson, Community Manager
Maurice Moore, Masternode Manager – LinkedIn
Mark Dahlstrøm, Masternode Support

Watch info video below about Beacon coin presented by its creator Patrick