Knowing About Birake: The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Knowing About Birake: The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Birake exchange platform

Over the last few years, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and penetration in the mainstream financial market has caused several global investors to participate in the cryptocurrency mania.

Due to this unprecedented growth rate, crypto exchanges are hustling to meet the liquidity demand from global investors. More some popular crypto exchanges have limited token offerings which cause investors to hop between different exchange service providers.

Birake is one such white label exchange platform that aims to solve all your worries. The company aims to build the world’s largest exchange network allowing all people from the crypto community to build their own exchange platform in just a few clicks.

Working of the Birake White Label Exchange Platform

Birake basically aims at sourcing availability of tokens by connecting an inter-connected network platform and sharing orders between them. The company provides you with all the necessary technical knowledge, support and infrastructure to start your own exchange on the BIRAKE network.

Moreover, it also gives individuals the flexibility to incorporate their own domain name, brand, logo, and personalization of their exchange platforms. The BIRAKE network is a central database of orders which are openly shared among all exchanges running on the network. The on-boarding process is very swift as the Birake provides a seamless integration with real-time tracking of orders.

From the very first day of your operations as an exchange platform, BIRAKE network will source several active orders to you. Similarly, as a trader, your orders could also be made available to listed exchange platforms on BIRAKE network. Hence traders and investors get to chose from different exchange options that suit their needs and requirements. This creates a win-win situation for all the participants.

Technical Features of the Birake Exchange

Some of the key technical features of the BIRAKE platform are:

  • Easy Integration: The BIRAKE platform provides an intuitive and welcoming interface for anyone to personalize their cryptocurrency exchange business.
  • Built-in Real-time Fee Tracking: All the orders either initiated or executed on the Birake platform are tracked in real-time mode. Birake calculates fees differentially between a user from platform A (which has a fee for example of 0.05%) and another user from platform B (which has a fee for example of 1%).
  • Fraud Protection: The Birake platform infrastructure is robust enough to handle external threats of fraud. The platform comes with the built-in mechanism to protect against unauthorized withdrawals and frauds. Additionally, it also incorporates other protection features like IP protection, 2-factor authentication, and email confirmations.
  • Real-Time Updates: Users of the trading platform can fetch real-time updates of the current prices of the token as well as all the active and past history orders.
  • Referral Program Mechanism: This feature is particularly for exchange website owners who can set the percentage of referral programs when they want to activate it. The entire tracking of the referrals shall be done individually per the exchange owners.

Birake Economic Model and Birake Coins

In order to ensure a smooth operation of its platform, Birake will charge its users for transacting on the platform. Similarly, it will introduce a competitive monthly fees model for Birake exchange website operators. Additionally, any crypto project willing to list its token on the Birake exchange network shall have to pay an upfront listing fee. Going further, the company also plans to activate additional ways of monetization.

Furthermore, Birake has also introduced its own digital token Birake Coin (BIR) to perform different operations within its economic model. The BIR Coin will be the main payment method within the Birake Network. Moreover, exchange platforms on the network can be acquired only using BIR coins. Moreover, the monthly income generated by all the website owners will also be paid in BIR coins. Birake will also use the BIR coin for all its referral as well as reward and bounty programs.

Future Strategic Plans

Going further, Birake plans to implement a range of initiatives at its end to introduce several services one by one. For now, the company has already listed BIR tokens on CoinExchange and CryptoBridge.

Furthermore, it plans to list nearly 100 digital currencies by 2019. It also plans to develop desktop and mobile-friendly interfaces for its platform. The Birake wallet is already available on Mac and Windows platforms and can be downloaded from its official website.

Additional details regarding the Birake project can be obtained from its official whitepaper.