Bitcoin Adult: A fast and private payment solution for Adult content

Bitcoin Adult: A fast and private payment solution for Adult content

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Bitcoin Adult is a unique bridge between the adult content industry and consumers. The platform relies on blockchain technology as well as technically advanced Proof of Stake to achieve fast, secure and private service.

Accordingly, the platform is the ultimate payment solution for adult content payment. Naturally, the consumers in any industry want the lowest prices for their service. Bitcoin adult not only dramatically lowers the cost of adult content but also provides unparalleled privacy. As you would probably guess, people who watch porn are inclined to wish that that fact does not go public.

Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake is an improvement on the Proof of Work algorithm that earlier coins like Bitcoin used. This mechanism utilizes the staking of investors to generate new coins. As a matter of fact, you only need to keep your BTAD in a wallet for a certain period of time to earn rewards.

Besides, Bitcoin Adult uses Masternodes like most other POS platforms. Masternodes are essentially decentralized servers that support the network and verify transactions. An investor with significant purchasing power can purchase a Masternode. Purchasing a Masternode is excellent because you earn better rewards and have a stake in control of the network. The Masternode stipend is 5000 BTAD.

The reason why these are important is that they make Bitcoin adult have certain important attributes. POS makes the network faster and more efficient. Proof of Work has led to problems of all kind such as scalability, significant transaction costs.
Bitcoin adult is consequently a faster and more secure network. The coin promotes community values since Masternodes promote decentralization and few people with advanced hardware don’t have control over most of the coin generation like POW.


This is probably the all-important bit. Bitcoin adult has implemented the Zerocoin protocol to this effect. The problem with Bitcoin transactions is that they are traceable and open. The best you can get for a bitcoin transaction on matters privacy is a pseudonymity.

The Zerocoin protocol is a genius solution that provides traceability-proof transactions. The protocol ensures that you can first convert coins into a form called Zbtad. That said, the coin retains its value but the recipient cannot know of your identity.

In a nutshell, the Zerocoin protocol is a veil between the user and the recipient. Accordingly, you can pay for adult content on supported networks without privacy concerns. This is great because it allows users to anonymously access legal adult content while content distributors have access to a wider market.

Bitcoin Adult status

This coin is generally a payment solution for adult shops as well as webcam sites. As a matter of fact, the coin is already in real-life use and has a clear purpose.

Bitcoin Adult is available on several exchanges and purchase should be straightforward. The sites you can use BTAD as a payment option include Fantasy Sex Toys or Pleasure Cams, among others. Additionally, the development team is working on creating a fully-fledged adult shop and dating site. Bitcoin adult also offers listing and advertising on their future adult marketplace for adult shops and webcam sites for a small fee.

The coin is already listed CoinMarketCap. This site is a significant force in Cryptosphere and you can view the tracking charts in real-time. Moreover, the coin is an option on CoinPayments payment gateway. CoinPayments can enable you to access adult industry sites like Pornhub. This partnership is important and excellent for market growth as well as exposure to more potential partnerships. Moreover, such partnerships promote crypto-payments awareness and broader user knowledge.

Interestingly, the coin came into operation without ICO pre-sale, auctions or any other similar ways. According to the management team, this was to navigate potential hyperinflation. Trading commenced with exchange listings and this brought a semblance of stability.


The bridging of blockchain efficiency and adult content consumers was always bound to happen. Bitcoin Adult is an excellent solution for the aforementioned reasons. Not only does the platform provide fast transactions at a cheap fee but also implements privacy which is terribly important.

For an investor, this is a potential goldmine. We don’t have to speculate on the market for adult content since it is large, global and consistent. As the coin markets seek to emerge from the bear run through most of 2018, this is one coin poised to explode.