Bitfoliex Wallet is the Most Popular Multi-Purpose Crypto Platform in 2020

Bitfoliex Wallet is the Most Popular Multi-Purpose Crypto Platform in 2020


Bitfoliex is a multi-purpose platform that will allow one to buy, sell, and convert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and Traxalt Tokens (TXT). The platform facilitates users in holding their crypto-assets with top-notch security, and it is also catering to some of the biggest financial institutions to manage their crypto assets.

Bitfoliex wallet has been around for almost two years – the cryptocurrency platform was introduced in 2018, the time when there were only a considerable amount of wallet solutions present in the market. The platform has now turned into a flourishing ecosystem of products and crypto management services. Many features have been implemented during these times of productivity, but the main idea of keeping the platform clean and intuitive has been maintained by the Bitfoliex core team as they have made the product a convenient, fully decentralized, and versatile crypto wallet suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Bitfoliex is doing the best to both remain user-friendly and implement top-notch solutions for making the wallet stand out in 2020. The end-to-end protection provides users with greater security and control of their digital currencies, over and above any other wallet solution available on the market today.

At Bitfoliex, there has been a rapid series of development, aimed at keeping sync with crypto market trends and hypes. Currently, the team is discussing many new features and possible solutions that are yet to be implemented in 2020. The Bitfoliex core team is promoting decentralization in every means, and polishing their products after considering the community word, listening carefully, and choosing what is best.

Record Surge in New Registrations

The exchange has been registering new users at a record and overwhelming rate. Recent announcements about their current venture have made headlines in the crypto industry, leading more interest in the platform.

Top Crypto Wallet in 2020

The platform is top-rated among the daily crypto users looking for an integrated, secured, and stable wallet. It has been honored with a mention among one of the best crypto exchanges in 2020.

Wrapping up, the introduction of the wallet has contributed to an efficient, transparent, and fair crypto-asset platform that provides safe, convenient, intuitive, and professional crypto asset management services to the retail users and some institutional players around the world.