Bithumb has Launched a Public Voting System for Adding Coins to its Platform

Bithumb has Launched a Public Voting System for Adding Coins to its Platform


In order to make sure that it offers the best selections of coins for trading on its platform, Bithumb, a Major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has recently announced the launching of a public voting system targeted at helping with the screening of new coins to be added to the platform for trading. The exchange has named this voting system “Pickthumb.”

So far, five new coins are under evaluation on the new system. The voting round is expected to end in nine days.

The Market is Infested With a Lot of Useless Coins

There are several coins in the market right now which are not worth giving a second thought. Fortunately, the majority of these coins are now practically worthless, partially due to the intense bearish market conditions. One thing you will find common with these useless coins is the fact that majority of them are not listed on major exchanges around the world. With this new platform, Bithumb can keep worthless coin of its platform.

The new platform is expected to help with providing more transparency when it comes to listing coin on the platform and also help with the inclusion of its users in some operational aspect.

Bithumb is Promoting Transparency and User Engagement

The exchange has also released a report regarding this new platform. In the report, it was stated that:
“Pickthumb is a platform for screening excellent coins based on your fair evaluation… users can directly evaluate, validate and vote on cryptocurrency projects that will be listed on global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb”

The report also made sure to indicate that all registered users of the exchange can access the platform and vote for their coin of choice. As a result of this, users get to select which coin is going get listed for trading on Bithumb.

According to a report from the exchange, with this new platform, it “will try to promote a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem that investors can believe in.”