Bitmain Launches New Equihash Miner

Bitmain Launches New Equihash Miner


According to a recent report, Bitmain whose headquarters is in Beijing has launched a new device called the Antminer Z11 whose function is to mine coins which can be found on the Equihash proof-of-work algorithm like the Zcash (ZEC) which is a privacy-focused altcoin.

Bitmain Launches the Antminer Z11

A new machine called Antminer Z11 has been released by Bitmain. The new device is reportedly three times more powerful than the previous model and it is currently on pre-sale on the company’s website.

Features available on Antminer Z11 includes a hashing power of 135 KSok/S which is 3x greater than the previous model, Z9, a power efficiency of 10.59J/KSol which saves 60% of electricity bill than the Z9, and it weighs a little bit less when compared to Z9 at just 5.4kg (about 11.9 lbs).

While giving the statement regarding the new device, the company highlighted that it is showing commitment to the Zcash community as well as transparency which is a very important attribute for miners who had to wait for a long period of time for the equipment they purchased to reach them.

The company said:

“To preserve the Zcash community’s values around security, reliability and accessibility, Bitmain had previously Tweeted real-time updates to ensure more transparency and will continue to provide shipping updates of the first batch of the Antminer Z11. These commitments to transparency will continue to provide the Zcash foundation and community with the security, reliability, and accessibility they desire of manufacturers.”

Bitmain has not stopped in its development of crypto mining hardware for other proof-of-work algorithms. In addition to Zcash and Equihash, the company revealed recently that it is in the process of creating its next-generation 7nm ASIC chip for mining SHA-256 coins like bitcoin cash (BCH), and bitcoin core ( BTC).

The 12nm equipped Antminer Z11 reportedly sold out in less than 20 minutes due to the fact that customers bought the specified number of units available for the first batch.