BitTorrent Announces Innovative Approach to Speed

BitTorrent Announces Innovative Approach to Speed


In its bid to develop the world’s largest blockchain platform for swift uploading and downloading of files, BitTorrent, Inc, has recently announced that it will be launching BitTorrent Speed and its new crypto token.

BitTorrent Software to Start Awarding Tokens

Company, during its orniTROn blockchain conference which was held in San Francisco, made it known that users of the BitTorrent Speed software are expected to start using the new software and also get rewards in the form BTT tokens by summer. The software will be available on µTorrent Classic Windows client when the time comes.

With the new software, company’s protocol client will be rewarded with BTT token for “seeding” files over an extended period. In light of the reward given to users for seeding files, the download speeds on peer-to-peer networks will achieve an increased level of speed and reliability.

BitTorrent Speed Software Undergoing Test

According to Justin Knoll, head of new software development, the software is currently being tested on the network by experts to ensure that it provides an even better level of reliability and speed than the current client.

Knoll also stated that:
“When users gain access to BitTorrent Speed, they will be blown away by the improvements we’ve made to the client they know and love today,”

Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent said that:
“With BitTorrent Speed, we aim to strengthen the BitTorrent protocol and then deliver more features that inspire innovation across industries. More than 100 million users soon will have the opportunity to be part of a boundary-free internet that supports personal privacy and connection around the world.”

According to a recent announcement from this company, the BTT will be exclusively available to non-U.S. accounts on Binance Launchpad. The sales of the token are expected to commence on January 28, 2019, 7 a.m. PST.