BlockBank – A Smart AI-Enabled Analytics System Sharing Market Insights

BlockBank – A Smart AI-Enabled Analytics System Sharing Market Insights


LONDON, UK / April 26, 2021 / BlockBank leverages Artificial Intelligence, adding it to the traditional banking and DeFi system making the entire ecosystem more secure, private, and decentralized. The purpose is to optimize the user’s purchase decision, helping them avoid the high gas costs and avoid slower transaction speed. The AI element of the platform constantly reads and understands social intelligence, risk mitigation, analytics, batched transactions, and smart contracts. Working with these aspects, BlockBank aims to expand the user’s knowledge base and positively their decision-making power.

Closing the Gap Between DeFi and Banking

As a user-oriented platform, BlockBank provides the users with the right set of information powered by AI-enabled analytics and risk management practices. The platform is built by keeping in mind the traders and retail market participants. These users are primarily looking to receive AI-powered information to build marketing strategies and access modern banking services, in order to receive higher APY or Annual Percentage Yield.

To bridge the on-chain and off-chain gap, BlockBank provides a built-in fiat gateway along with giving access to a non-custodial and cross-chain wallet for the users to hold their cryptocurrency. To name a few services and possibilities offered by BlockBank include, real-time market analysis, robo-advisory, trade execution, price prediction, earning strategies recommendations, and finance tracking.

The mobile application provided by the platform gives access to the DeFi ecosystem, DApps, staking, swapping, fiat account management, transact cryptocurrency, enhance the APY share, and provide financial advice.

BlockBank is the all-in-one cryptocurrency solution, and the Robo advisor embedded into the system is pivotal to help users make correct, analyzed, and information-backed financial decisions.

Promoting Cryptocurrency Adoption with Smart Tools

BlockBank aims to make the everyday user a smart trader. The platform works on the premise that everyday users have lesser knowledge about the nuances of the DeFi platforms and its features, including smart contracts, etc. In addition to this, the lack of customer support and unfair tokenomics also make trading decisions difficult for the simple users.

BlockBank provides knowledge to make the users aware of the workings of the system and help them capitalize on the market opportunities. With this, BlockBank aims to close the technical and knowledge gap among the crypto community.

BANK – Native Cryptocurrency

BANK is the native cryptocurrency of the BlockBank platform. Furthermore, depending on the Tier Level, the users can earn additional tier-wise APY.

Along with this, the users holding BANK token will also get access to some premium platform-based features, including access to the Credit Card rewards program, Robo Advisory, Insurance, 3rd Party Rewards, lower fees, banking rewards, and other exclusive offers.

The BlockBank Wallet

The users can buy crypto coins using their debit card via the BlockBank Wallet and also manage their assets. As a non-custodial wallet, the mobile platform is built with better security and features. Moreover, due to the inclusion of AI and Robo Advisory systems, the BlockBank wallet shares any sort of suspicious activity with the user, based on the analysis of the holdings and behavior patterns.

About BlockBank

Working as an AI-enabled and smart cryptocurrency analysis and market-oriented platform, BlockBank makes the journey from an immature user to a professional trader easier. The smart system analyzes the market and several touchpoints to create an integrated suite of recommendations for the users. It offers higher security, precise information, and lower fee transactions while bridging the gap between the on-chain and the off-chain systems for better integration.

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