Brazilian Crypto Exchange Bitcambio, Sent RS $137 Million Instead of RS $500 to a User

Brazilian Crypto Exchange Bitcambio, Sent RS $137 Million Instead of RS $500 to a User

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Based on a recent report, a “$35 million error” was made by a crypto exchange in Brazil—Bitcambio. The exchange was reported to have sent one of its users who was trying to withdraw 500 reals, RS $137 million instead.

Mr Kaique Nunes, Got More Than he Bargained For

The user who has been identified as one Mr Kaique Nunes, made it known that his attempt to withdraw Reals 500 lead to RS $137 million being sent to him instead.

Since Bitcambio noticed its errors, the exchange has reached out to Nunes so has to help with rectifying the error. Nunes made this known in a statement which reads:
“Early last month, I issued some normal withdrawal orders. After a while, Bitcambiocalled to let me know that they issued all this value and that they needed me to recognize a document in a notary’s office. I thought it was a coup.”

Nunes who was quite surprised and at the same time suspicious of the phone call he got from the exchange believed it was all a ruse by some hackers to get hold of his personal information through his signature. He also did not rule out the possibility of a rogue employee of the exchange trying to scam the exchange’s users since he is no longer on the team.

Since the phone calls from a representative of the exchange who has cancelled the initial transaction, made its Nune’s signature is needed, he was required to visit the notary. There he would be able to append signatures to the document and have it sent back to the exchange.

Both Side Happy

In order to be sure, and not fall into the wrong hands, Nunes decided to share his current conditions. It was on this group he meets with one of Bitcambio’s suppliers, Rodrigo Souza, who is also an admin on the group. Souza further helped Nunes understand what went on.