SYS Labs Acquires FortKnoxster and Introduces SuperDapp

SYS Labs Acquires FortKnoxster and Introduces SuperDapp


DUBAI, UAE / April 4, 2023

SYS Labs, a company dedicated to providing the solutions enterprises need in order to transition to Web3, acquires cryptosecurity company, FortKnoxster, and announces the launch of their first joint effort under the new structure, an AI-powered social crypto dApp named SuperDapp and its soon to be unveiled utility token.

By merging the leading-edge technologies of FortKnoxster and the Syscoin Platform, SYS Labs is expanding the Syscoin ecosystem into the burgeoning cryptosecurity and decentralized social marketplace. Internally referred to as the “killer app”, SuperDapp will offer communication features found in many of the most popular social apps, yet specifically tailored for security-conscious crypto users.

Existing holders of the FortKnoxster token FKX will be swapped to the new SuperDapp token. More details and instructions will soon be announced. The FortKnoxster team will be hosting an AMA this Friday to cover these details.

SYS Labs President, Jagdeep Sidhu, remarked,

“The potential unlocked by merging our technologies is already driving the expansion of Syscoin’s ecosystem. ‘Everything apps’ like what you might find in some Asian markets have piqued much interest lately; SuperDapp will answer the need for many of these capabilities upon its Q2 2023 release, expanding further as we pursue an exciting roadmap.”

Jagdeep Sidhu

FortKnoxster CEO & Co-Founder, Niels Klitsgaard stated,

“The acquisition by SYS Labs is an exciting milestone for our company and validates the hard work our team has dedicated to building innovative technologies. This assimilation marks a new chapter for our potential, because SYS Labs has what it takes to ensure the future development, expansion, and awareness of our mission.”

Niels Klitsgaard

SYS Labs and FortKnoxster are confident in the mutual benefits and groundbreaking developments already taking place in their collaborative journey. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting partnership and the innovative solutions it will bring to the cryptosecurity, blockchain, and decentralized social marketplace communities.

About SYS Labs

SYS Labs is a unicorn of unicorns, building the fundamental layers of true Web3, and connecting users, dApps, and assets to create seamless flows between ecosystems. SYS Labs creates the infrastructure, dApps, and tools necessary to meet the needs and desires of a global population, all backed by Bitcoin’s security and enhanced by Syscoin’s finality and groundbreaking L1 data availability solution, PoDA.

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About FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster is founded by Danish entrepreneurs & IT security specialists, who all share a great passion for cyber-security, blockchain, cryptography, and privacy for all. Core expertise is crypto-security and digital inheritance. FortKnoxsters innovations, security, and service are extraordinary and help secure and futureproof Web3.

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