Circumventing Centralized Financial Road Blocks Using the Dash Green Cryptocurrency

Circumventing Centralized Financial Road Blocks Using the Dash Green Cryptocurrency

Dash Green coin

In a world where payment solution is controlled by centralized financial institutions, the need a payment solution which transcends borders and government restriction has never been so pertinent.

Take the case of Iran for example. The oil-rich country is currently under tight economic sanctions from the U.S government. Since its sanctioning, the country is no longer on the list of countries which can assess the popular cross border money transfer solution—SWIFT. As a result of this, Iran international trade has suffered greatly. Thanks to cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, residents of the country are still able to conduct business internationally.

Although bitcoin still has a dominance of 51 percent, and arguably the most popular crypto coin in the world the coin lacks some features which makes it a perfect alternative to traditional centralized payment. It is as a result of this, more alternative coins (Altcoins) with improved speed and scalability were introduced. Out of these numerous altcoins, only a few of them were designed specifically to serve as a payment solution. Of the ones designed for this purpose, very few are worth a second look.

One payment focused coin which has so far garnered attention for itself in the industry, for its eco-friendly focused agenda as well as it worldwide usage, is the Dash Green coin.

Dash Green Coin

The Dash Green coin is a fork of PIVX and digital cash (DASH) that is used to complete various online cryptocurrency transactions, as it can be spent all over the world. It is a distinct fully incentivized peer-to-peer network that provides a secure and instant payment option for online transactions, or in-store that make use of their open-source cryptocurrency. Although Dash Green is a fork of PIVX, by design, it uses the DASH tokenomics.

Dash Green is a unique and promising masternode coin which is new in the world of cryptocurrency, with a fast growing community and a developer which remains anonymous. The Dash Green network offers rewards to stakers for securing the blockchain, validating the blockchain, serving it to the users, and storing it. Masternodes are rewarded to these high stakers. You can get the Dash Green coin on several crypto exchanges.

Features of the Project

It Provides Absolute Privacy
Making transactions with Dash Green is very secure and it provides absolute privacy to the users, thanks to the Zerocoin Protocol it uses. This Zerocoin Protocol uses by the blockchain project allows for total anonymity. This way users can send Dash Green coins without revealing their identity.

The Dash Green Network Is Focuses on Eco-friendly Mining.
The fact that the Dash Green Network makes use of masternodes and proof-of-stake, ensures that miners on the Dash Green Project enjoy a mining process which is not harmful to the environment.

It Is Completely Secure
The platform provides a very secure means for transactions, as all payments done on the platform are verified by the network of masternodes Dash Green boasts of. This also guarantees that there are payment validity and no chargebacks.

The Dash Green Network Is Instant
Making transactions on the Dash Green Network is easy and also instant, as the platform provides a reliable means of transferring Dash Green Coins to any part of the world, which will be delivered in seconds, at an extremely cheap rate.

The Dash Green Network Has An Advanced P2P Network
For many masternode coins, the key is to get in early. This is mainly because the redistribution of rewards to other masternodes depends mainly on the number of masternodes available. It is also important to get in early as, over time, the price of masternodes tends to inflate. The Dash Green Network Masternodes represent a new layer of network servers that function in highly secure clusters referred to as quorums. This easily provides a range of decentralized services for the Dash Green Network such as security, privacy, instant transactions, and governance. It also helps to eliminate the threat of low-cost network attacks.

Dash Green which has excellent support of about 30,000 sat range, is currently being traded on three exchanges. It appears to be in accumulation mode, and of the three exchanges on which it is being traded on, Crex24 and Graviex have the highest volume. It has a premine of about 2.5%, which is about 450,000 Dash Green, and this goes to the developer. The Dash Green community is active on Discord, and there you can find the anonymous developer of the project whose handle is “Mastermind”.

With the crypto market steadily gaining grounds and returning to its stable and more predictable nature, coins serving true purposes like the Dash Green will surely lead the bull run when the time comes.