ConsenSys Partners with Non-for-profit to Teach Young Women of Color Blockchain Coding

ConsenSys Partners with Non-for-profit to Teach Young Women of Color Blockchain Coding


Black Girls Code, a prominent non-for-profit with an agenda to increase the number of women of colour in technology fields through the provision of technical training to girls from the age of 7 to 17 in Oakland, New York City, Atlanta and Johannesburg, South Africa has recently partnered with ConsenSys.

ConsenSys and Black Girls Code

The partnership will help towards the establishment of the first blockchain training program of national scale for young women of colour.

A recent report made it clear that the program will involve a comprehensive blockchain curriculum that covers topics such as cryptocurrency, the fundamentals of blockchain technology as well as solving for user experience problems. Through the course, young women of colours will be armed with enough information to make an entrance into the blockchain technology industry.

According to a recent report, it was stated that: “the partnership with ConsenSys lets students bring their ideas into practice by participating in some of the top blockchain developer conferences in the world, from DevCon to Ethereal.”

The Black Girls Code

The students will also use the Black Girls Code token to develop cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. This will be included in their curriculum. So far, about 60 students have been introduced to blockchain basics (from Solidity development to aspects of cryptocurrency philosophy) through the program.

Speaking about the effectiveness of the project, Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls Code’s CEO also stated that:
“The ConsenSys team has consistently impressed me with their commitment to creating pathways for access and inclusion within the blockchain ecosystem and their passion for introducing these tools to the next generation of coders, ”

Bryant continued that:
“Our BGC tech divas have embraced blockchain technology with vigour and are excited by its potential to create equity and impact on a global scale. This partnership is an extremely important addition to an already vibrant ecosystem which will flourish by this influx of fresh ideas, perspectives, and insights.”