Credibility and Protection For Masternode Investors & Crypto Developers

Credibility and Protection For Masternode Investors & Crypto Developers


How Watchdog is Offering Credibility and Protection for both Masternode investors and crypto developers

Credibility in the crypto industry is quickly becoming a rare thing. With so many hacks and fraudulent incidents getting reported daily, it has become clear that all hands need to be on deck when it comes to combating fraud in the industry. The sad thing about it all is that these fraudulent activities are not limited to small scale operation. Recently, BitSane, a popular crypto exchange which boasts of an average daily trading volume of 10 million USD, suddenly, disappeared off the face of the internet.

Although, not an exit scam, medium scale exchange, Bitrue recently, revealed that it discovered a security vulnerability in its system which cost them $4 million in XRP and ADA user funds.

Issues and solutions

Following the announcement of the hack, the exchange announced that it will be going offline to perform scheduled maintenance. Therefore, all trading activities will be suspending.

Incidents like this are not new to the crypto space and with the way things are running currently, it will not stop. Therefore, every avenue and methods designed to uphold the credibility and the integrity of the crypto industry should be applauded. Unfortunately, there are few of these types of project currently active in the space.

It is also not uncommon for coins to become a victim of a PUMP and DUMP action. This simply means investors with evil intent injects volume into a coin to raise its value, then they sell it hard once it rises to the desired level. This results in the coin price falling drastically.

Watchdog (WMP)

A word from the Watchdog CEO

“As CEO of Watchdog Ltd, I am personally reaching out to ensure everyone is equally aware and properly educated on our company, Watchdog ecosystem and its affiliated masternode coin. Watchdog has developed a cutting edge masternode platform that will include ranking and monitoring of assets, statistical analysis, and a proper area for community discussion. The platform will further feature multiple layers of user integration, advertising and custom bot commutation services from their Mega-Byte System. With an enhanced user interface, we aim to make all these features easy to use for both users and developers. Trust & Creditability are the cornerstones by which Watchdog was founded. As such we aim to give users the upmost transparency, security, and quality assurance. To this end, Watchdog has officially secured a partnership with Vault Investments. The two companies together serve to develop and deploy the Next Generation of Masternode projects that will be listed under the CRYO program.
With our extensive utility road map, multiple coin use cases and our market experience we strive to be the industry standard. A real company with real utilities for real investor”

About the Watchdog Project

The volatile nature of the crypto market has led to many investors shifting towards a more stable method of making money off the market— Owning Masternodes.

Setting up a masternode for those who can afford it and have the knowledge and skill required is supposed to be the safest and almost guaranteed way of making money off the crypto market. Unfortunately, bad eggs in the crypto industry have found a way of making owning masternodes risky. From pump and dump traders to project founders pulling and exit scam on an unsuspecting investor, masternodes investment is now a game of chance.

While trying to find a perfect solution to this mess. A lot of models were being tested by the Watchdog team and so far, nothing has come close to what investor truly need and deserve. This led to the birth of Watchdog Masternode Project – WMP. Safety and security of investment is a key factor considered by masternode investors. But one thing which is largely overlooked is the difficulty that one goes through while trying to monitor the masternode set up. Generally, setting up and monitoring a masternode requires some level of technical skill. This has largely discouraged many people from exploring this option.

The issues surrounding the masternode world, ranging from scams to dumped coins, and outdated setups, the Watchdog Masternode Project – WMP was launched. The platform is going to take the guesswork out and establish safeguard techniques to optimize success for investors. The project plans to take out as many variables as possible, in order to enforce a stable, secure environment for a project to flourish.

Watchdog is committed to the utmost of quality assurance for their users and will only accept applicants that meet their high standards. They will only accept projects that have integrity and are as committed to their users, as they are. They will review every applicant and their project before including them as a Watchdog affiliate.

Watchdog project

Watchdog (WMP) Coin utilities

The Watchdog management and development team have really considered both users and developers when designing their companies use cases surrounding the platform and the whole Watchdog ecosystem.

Some key utility features are Watchdog Promotions, Pro user accounts for status and additional key features, Verification Services paid with WMP coins and many other utilities that will foster with them as their brand and community grows.

A CRYO Project

Just like any real decentralized project, the entire sales process will be handled transparently. Since it is a CRYO project the coin team no longer must worry about the investment aspect of things. There focus is now on Watchdog network and development of all tech and utilities involved.

Currently, CRYO is the only program that offers ultimate credibility and protection for both investors and project owners. Project owners are secured against attack from evil investors looking to pump the coin, while investors are protected against owners looking to run away funds.

The most recent project listed in the CRYO program is the Watchdog (WMP) project. Watchdog which is based on the VAULT Investments network will enjoy the credibility and sustainability that comes with being listed as a CRYO program. As expected, the presale masternodes will be sold and frozen on the platform for only a 30-day period just for WMP investors. This is to make sure that a controlled environment is ensured for the coin in its early days.

Watchdog chose to list in the CRYO program due to the protection and support it offers to professional projects with real utilities. Watchdog chose the top-level Gold custom package tailored perfectly for their needs, to ensure that their Masternode investors get the care and attention they deserve while their WMP coins are safe and secure.


It is very clear that the Watchdog management and development team have put a tremendous amount of time and resources into solving some key marketplace issues. The big rocks that will set Watchdog apart from all others are that they are not limiting themselves to just the masternode space by listing top Altcoins, ICO’s, IEO’s, key exchanges, crypto, and crypto related advertisements and a multitude of user integration.

With all this said the experienced and forward-thinking team that designed their company and platform first then decided to offer and incorporate a masternode coin afterward shows the commitment and integrity that will be the driving force to their lasting success.