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Making The World Digital

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An all-in-one digital solutions for cryptocurrency needs. CryptoDezire, a system that is built on blockchain with CryptoDezireCash coin.

CryptoDezire can host your nodes, your domains, and provide all of your web services. Plus, the CryptoDezire directory will allow users to quickly find information about listed coins, including updates, wallets, MN services and much more.

CryptoDezireCash is the first step to launch a decentralized ecosystem of digital services. CDZC is a fast, efficient method of payment between any two peers, anywhere and at any time. It will also serve as the backbone to a robust platform of cryptocurrency and web services: CryptoDezire. CDZC coin will be the required method of payment for any services on the platform.

CryptoDezire platform will support from domain hosting to shared masternodes, to hosted masternodes on their private VPS.


Features of CryptoDezire ecosystem

Vast Ecosystem
CryptoDezire will develop a variety of Crypto/blockchain platforms including directory listing, shared masternode services, and masternode / VPS hosting services

Secure & Transparent
Project will provide the maximum security to your funds while being as transparent as possible at all times. You always know where your funds are, and withdrawals are quick and easy.

Universal Payment Method
Fast, efficient, and decentralized, CDZC will be used as the only mode of payment for all services on the CryptoDezire system.

CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system that allows funds to be sent directly from one party to another without going through an Intermediary.

Pos & Masternode
Powered by the revolutionary technology of POS 3.0 and master nodes represent a new layer of network servers to provide a variety of decentralized services, like instant transactions and privacy.

Unlimited Potential
The team believes in the potential of blockchain based networks and that is why we decided to take part in this rather lightning fast era of new payment methods

CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) Desktop Wallet is natively built for all major Operating Systems, with POS & Masternode technology.

Upcoming platforms in CryptoDezire ecosystem

Directory listing
CDZC verification
ICO watch list
B2B store
Hosting & Domains
VPS Cloud Servers
Job portal
MasterNode Hosting



Coin Development

Coin Promotion

Coin Airdrops

Tip Bot Development

Website Development

Block Explorer



Project’s vision is to develop a broad ecosystem supporting a variety of applications and services for project’s investors and partners.

Q3 2018

Idea development
Market research
Planning for Platforms development
Community development
Core wallet design
Coin promotion services
Coin partnership

Q4 2018

Core wallet development
Privacy (Zerocoin) implementation
Mainnet Launch
Discord TipBot

in process
MN installation guide
Directory listing platform development
Exchange listings
Dev team expansion
Large scale marketing

Q1 2019

Payment gateway
ICO watch list platform
Web wallet
More partnerships
Expand services
Register CryptoDezire as a Firm
Hosting & Domains platform
Additional exchange listing
Team expansion
Ecosystem’s and Platform’s promotion

Q2 2019

Job portal platform
CDZC verification platform
Expand services
Mobile wallet
Paper wallet
More partnerships
Appointing ambassadors
Expand infrastructure
Additional exchange listing
Ecosystem and Platform’s promotion

Q3 2019

B2B store platform
Expand services
More partnerships
Additional exchange listing
Ecosystem and Platform’s promotion

Q4 2019

VPS cloud servers platform
MasterNode hosting expand services
More partnerships
Additional exchange listing
Release new Roadmap

Coin specifications

Coin name: Crypto Dezire Cash
Ticker: CDZC
Coin Type: POS & MN
Pre-mine: 600 000
Block time: 120 sec
Min stake age: 6 hours
Max coin supply: 21 000 000 CDZC
Masternode Collateral: 10 000 CDZC


Clients of the project

MNP Coin
Social Send
Boxy Coin
Gamble Coin
Satoshi Solutions
Go Cash
401k Coin
XP Coin
OHM Coin
Info Coin
The Throat Punch Coin