CryptoDezire: A Unique Cryptocurrency Solutions Ecosystem

CryptoDezire: A Unique Cryptocurrency Solutions Ecosystem

CryptoDezire solutions project

CryptoDezire is a wholesome one-stop shop for digital solutions related to cryptocurrency. This blockchain based ecosystem uses the CryptoDezireCash coin to ensure liquidity on the network

Why does CryptoDezire merit the description of an all-in-one solution? This is because the platform can perform a wide range of functions including hosting your nodes, domains and provision or requisite web services. Moreover, the CryptoDezire directory allows you to find information efficiently. This information concerns anything about listed coins, updates, wallets and much more.

CryptoDezire Cash

CDZC is the currency of the Cryptocurrency platform. It is a fast and efficient method of payment between two peers regardless of location or time. CDZC will also serve as the basis for the robust platform and exchange of services. Accordingly, CDZC is the stipulated medium for payment services on this platform.

Masternodes are decentralized servers that support a Proof of Stake network. Notably, CryptoDezire will be able to support such services as domain hosting to shared Masternodes and even hosting Masternodes on the private VPS. It is important to note that the platform utilizes POS 3.0 technology. Additionally, the Masternodes provide a new layer of network servers that increase the efficiency of the network. This is because Masternodes improve transaction speeds to the point of Instantaneous, privacy to the network and general decentralization.

Some distinguishing features of CryptoDezire

A vast Ecosystem
This platform boasts of a decent range of blockchain related hosting services like directory listing, shared Masternodes and even hosting of Masternodes and virtual private servers. Moreover, the development team is big on the potential of blockchain based networks. This explains their decision to delve into the field of instantaneous payment solutions.

The platform is secure
In any crypto-related activity, security is of paramount importance. As such, this platform guarantees the best possible security and access to your funds; making withdrawals is really easy as well.

Standard payment token
Using CDZC, you can make payments for all services on the CryptoDezire ecosystem. This may sound trivial but when you consider the range of services you can access on this platform it brings the importance of CDZC payments in perspective.

CryptoDezireCash (CDZC) Desktop Wallet is uniquely tailored to be compatible with major operating systems. The wallet is Secure and utilizes POS and Masternode technology. This means that you can peaceably perform transactions on the network with little concern for malicious activity.

Future planned platform for CryptoDezire ecosystem

Over and above the features this platform hosts, there are more in the pipeline to make CryptoDezire a more complete platform. In the near future, CryptoDezire will encompass the following; directory listing, CDZC verification, ICO watch-list and B2B store. Other significant hosting services are hosting and domains and VPS cloud servers.

In addition to that, you can benefit from certain coin-related services such as development, promotion, and website development. Coin Airdrops is another remarkable feature and will incentivize users to really invest and use the network.
The platform is still in the development and research phase. In this last quarter of 2018, the development team is adding a significant privacy oriented feature called the Zerocoin protocol. The protocol ensures transaction anonymity and not just pseudonymity as is the case for Bitcoin.

In a display of its credibility, the ecosystem already has viable clients like MNP coin, Vitae and Venox. The Masternode collateral necessary to own a single Masternode is 10,000 CDCZ.


CryptoDezire is a POS platform on steroids. Not only does it perform the functions associated with typical POS coins but also has an extended range of services. These services make the platform that much more useful. Besides, Masternode and domain hosting make this coin a viable investment opportunity with real-world uses as well.